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Yes I am a Muslim, a Christian, and a Jew

Gandhi was asked one day whether he was a Hinda, and his answer was uniquely significant
he said : “Yes I am, I am also a Muslim, a Christian, a Buddhist, and a Jew”

It took me days to really understand what Gandhi means behind these significant words
and finally i found the answer. It is that regardless of the differences that we have today among us, we still belong to HUMANITY
I have to say first that Gandhi perceived humanity better than millions of Muslims.

  • What is your belief of humanity ?

I think this is a really an important question.. if you haven’t thought about it, you are really lost and there is no need for your existence in this world.
here is what i believe:
I believe that all of us Muslims ( sunni, shiaat) Christian, Jews, etc are seeking a better understanding of humanity so they choose their religion based on assumption that their religion is the best representative of humanity. In fact, their assumption doesn’t come arbitrarily… it comes from a long experience and several sources. So basically if we are all going toward a humanity, if we are all working really hard to have a better understanding of it.. then why the hell we are focusing on our differences and making a wasteful argument about who is right or wrong. Why we are playing a god role to determine who is going to heaven or hell? Is it really important to know who is really going to hell or who is going to heaven? Let’s have instead an argument about how we can be a best representative of humanity in this world. Let compete in who give and help the society more. Let us all Muslim, Christian, Jews and all others be together and share our happiness and our pains together

Let’s share happiness together .. is that really difficult!

12 thoughts on “Yes I am a Muslim, a Christian, and a Jew”

  1. Hi Queen,
    it is a hope ,, and always dream about it ,,,

    it is time now to put our hope into action,, into reality :))

    glad to have you here
    thanks alot

  2. I couldn’t agree more.

    Despite our different faiths, different cultures and backgrounds we have more in common than we have apart.

    Many of the world religions are just different paths to a common goal.

    Muslims, Jews and Christians particularly have a lot in common – Abraham. I wonder what he would think of his children, fighting with one another so bitterly!

  3. hear here… I am a man of get wisdom and knowledge as the emissary of truth and the ambassador of hope I say yes…..yet beyond the acceptance of faith goes above and beyond to the realm of normal understanding an brings the searcher into a more and enlightened life of purpose.

  4. If people would translate foreign words into English when they are speaking English – there would not be so many different definitions of these labels….Jew is someone who praises the Almighty. Muslim is someone who submits to the Almighty, & Christian means follower of the Jewish preacher from Nazareth who taught the commandments.

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  7. Hi there! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and
    tell you I really enjoy reading your posts. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that go over the same subjects?
    Thank you so much!

  8. Just as clever as to claim no group at all and take god advice to our hearts and to live by them.

    But a small chock for a child that a lot of adult people obviously must have lied about what is a god idea, and then the child moves on with a half smile, and with more openness, more skepticism and there is more to discover, enormous amounts of more fantastic ways to come closer to truth.

    Accpting all or nothing changes nothing about our own ability to be calm, our own compassion in our hearts or our ability to investigate, think in many steps for the best of our childens childrens children.

  9. Thank you for your wise words. I have studied religion all my life, and they are all flawed in one respect or another … usually by their adherents rather than by their originators ! The instruments of God came and told us how it could be, and we, as flawed human beings, screwed it up. Religion is a product of humanity, and is thus of little use in transforming humankind. Spirituality, on the other hand, recognises goodness wherever it finds it. All religions however, still have the kernel of the Truth spoken by their founders, and so … with Gandhi … I too can say I am a Hindu, a Muslim, a Christian, a Buddhist and a Jew.

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