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the book and the movie

I read somewhere… how important it is in life not necessarily to be strong… but to feel strong

Christopher McCandless

i will write soon my reflection about the amazing story
it is a real story of brave who left his family, his fame, his money to go to the wild
and create his own world there
i watched the movie in the final week
it was exactly the right time to watch
right after i watched the movie, i bought the book from the bookstore
i am reading it.. i am very sure that it will make a whole change inside my self

4 thoughts on “the book and the movie”

  1. Hi murtadha..How are you??
    you really encouraged me to watch
    this movie..’into the wild’ ,,,I’ll do in Hajj vacation
    also, I’m eager to read your reflection about the story..I’m waiting



  2. oh, my brother salah here,,,
    what a lucky day

    yeah, the movie is so amazing,, but don’t watch it alone ,,you need to have your wife around you…
    i am reading the book now,, i will try to finish it this week.. it is a really long story filled out with so many suprise

  3. murtadha…How are you doing??
    do you know someone his name is saleh alelaiwi?
    you may confused
    Don’t worry,,I appreciate because of the same two names
    on the other hand, I’m sure that your brother salah has same feeling about your nice topic,,no difference I think.
    I really enjoy reading your topics so, I’m coming back after one week to read your reflection about the story

    My greetings

  4. oh i am sorry salh,, it is my fault
    how are you doing my friend?
    i miss you man
    i am about to finish the novel,,
    tell me what are you reading nowadays?

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