What is your 2008 resolution ?

what is your 2008 resolution ?

question need to be answered before we dive in the ocean of the time
share with me your thoughts

3 thoughts on “What is your 2008 resolution ?”

  1. a resolution?!! well, by looking at your post time I can see a good consediration of time managment even though classes haven’t started yet! good luck bro…Go be with you

  2. salam hussien,, it seems that you are the only one who read my post in my blog…
    anyway, setting up our resolution and goals for each year is so important
    i have a list of goal to achieve but i always feel afraid of sharing them with people

    by the way, i have not seen your blog active for a long time
    don’t tell me that you are busy

    this is an excuse that every one can make 🙂

  3. i dont belive that making resolutions are limited to the begining of the year..therefor my resolution for today (inspired after reading several posts from your blog) is to rediscover myself 🙂

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