philosophy, psychology


Some people commits suicide.. because they are despaired.. astray… lost
because no body can understand them
because life force them somehow to leave
because they are sick of their mysterious pains
because they want to kill the TIME legend
because our world became their exile and they want to be Free from us even for a moment
so they decide to jump from that high bridge
but once they jumped … once they become so close to their ending point
they wish for their whole life to come back
right before their body hit the sea ground.. right before their breaths are stopped .. right before their eyes are closed.. they realize how stupid they were
they realize that they can be happy even if they are in the deepest point of their pain
they realize that behind every misery.. every obstacle they face ..were big hopes .. big dream
they realize that love exists even beneath the sand of the desert and above the moon of the space

but realizing all that doesn’t help now … their eyes are already closed and their breath are already stopped
and their soul are already vanished

after their death, every flower in the earth cries
every stars in the space weeps
and finally the sun screams saying
“my beloved people, even if the darknesses stays so long,
there is always a light that come after it

my cell phone is ringing right now

my mom: how are you Murtadha?

me: i am happy .. always happy as long as there is sun that shines over our darkness

I love you sweet heart yesterday and now and tomorrow
my mom: haha i love you too .. now tell me when are you going to come back home to us?

Me: oww.. i don’t know… i promise.. i will come back right after i finish my degree

but mom

people are really lucky to have you around them
i guess they don’t need the sun light like i do here
your light is more powerful the the sun

1 thought on “suicide”

  1. I wish I could give you the blue one even for a day. Family comes first in my agenda!

    be patient bro, for the best be patient 🙂

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