stranger in strange country

this morning,, my brother called me from back home to see how i am doing with school.
he also told me something that was fully shocking.
he told me that his little daughter ( my niece) couldn’t recognize my face when he showed her my picture..
he tried to remind her of me but my niece likes all innocent children couldn’t remember someone that she saw two years ago.
this news broke my soul into miss pieces..
it has been two years and half since i left home without any visit
and i have never thought of the changes that happened during those two years and half
people passed away.. other people were just born in our family
my nieces and my nephews wouldn’t remember me and probably would meet me with question who are you! when i come back.
i may come back home with missing people and when i ask where they are.. i may heard the answer.. they left without any return ( that means they pass away)
i think when i come back home after the next three years, people would call me “Stranger in strange country”!
despite all of that…
i am not feeling homesick
no one is homesick when he is in the search of his treasure :))

2 thoughts on “stranger in strange country”

  1. yes, it’s really a shock.
    one day, she’ll remember you otherwise will accept you as you are.
    as what your brother talked to her about you..nothing more.
    it is shock; when you come back after several years and your closed friend can’t remember your name or even recognize you.
    the new style seems better.
    it’s nice


  2. Salam body,
    thanks for the comment
    everything today seems to be shocking 🙂 so what surprised us in the past became something usual in our life…

    thanks again,,
    i was hoping that you could leave at least your name or your email so i know who you are

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