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When Media Act Like a GOD

US media is so busy these days with covering the breaking news about New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer involvement in sex scandal. This is not something new in the media.

It is like a routine scenario. This news will be the hot topic for two weeks or more. The media will cover every side of the story trying to answer different types of questions like how and why the Gov did it, where he did it and with whom he did it and so on.
At the end, Gov Spizer resigned from his job saying that he is deeply sorry for his misconduct. but hold on here, there is an important question. how much power should the media have over people life and does it has the justification to overcome and invade people’s privacy. I am not talking here about the privacy of Gov. Spitzer. he knows from the very beginning that working as governor means giving up his private life and that is true with the celebrities and famous people who chose to sell their private life for their fame. I am talking here about the woman who was engaged in the sex misconduct with the governor Spitzer. Should the media invade her privacy? Do CNN and the New York Times have the right to put her pics in front of public?
Doesn’t seem that US Media is trying to act as good? Watching people personal life, counting their mistakes and punishing them for doing so! i am not trying to justify here the huge mistake that the women did but everyone knows well that we all do mistakes. We are human being. We go through some crisis in life. Sometimes unconsciously we risks many of our values and principles and then at the end we recognize our mistakes and start changing our selves. This is a very basic norm of human life.
What if our mistake became public, What of people got their nose in our life, would we continue the process of change? and would the society accept out change? Just imagine that you are walking around PSU campus and every one looks at you as psychologically ill. At the end of you walk, you will really believe that you are truly ill. The same thing here with that woman. Everyone in the public now will look at her as prostitute. She may never get married because basically no man will be willing to marry a prostitute!
It seems to me that the woman is facing three possible road.

1) She may consider being a nun and devote the rest of her for a different kind of love. love for god, love for Jesus, love to a super power and so on.
2) She may commit suicide and make reach the ending point of her life. ( many people consider this option because they lost everything and so they have nothing to lose more)
3) She may start her life again. Face her struggle. Make her own society. Adapt a new change.

My hope that she consider the last road.