church in Qatar,,,

i got more than one email from unknown persons saying that Muslims today are losing their main values and principles. WHY?? because they allow Christian people to build churches in muslim countries like Qatar and Kuwait…
but what is wrong with that? Muslims in a Christian countries are allowed to build as many mosques as they want. They even get the same advantages that Christian get. free electricity for their mosque and all other benefits that church get!
why it is OK and good for us to build hundred of mosques in Christian countries while it isn’t OK for christian to build even one Church in Islamic countries?
question that many muslims try to avoid and pass ! but i am not that person who let it goes without questioning why and why not!!
anyway, i am so happy for Christian in Qatar, UAE and Kwuite that they got a place where they can worships and practices their faith..
i am looking forward for the day when we have a Church for Christian in Saudi Arabia !

4 thoughts on “church in Qatar,,,”

  1. >>> i am looking forward for the day when we have a Church for Christian in Saudi Arabia!<<< And synagogues and Temples and Viharas? Fat chance. *sighs* Came by after Aysha’s recommendation. She’s right, you are an interesting read. A pleasure to meet you.

  2. I came here from Aysha as well. I am an American married to a Saudi woman. You offer a refreshing contrast to what usually is seen in the area.

  3. hnig,
    yeah, i am hoping too to see synagogues and Temples and Viharas in hometown 🙂
    i think when we see things in others’ perspective, we kinda know what is like for them!
    when we what ask ourselves ; what if i were christen, or jew, would i feel ok with that! this question would help us to understand the others as well ourselves

    i am really glad to meet you

    أبو سنان,
    my offer is a dream and dreaming is the first step of starting new reality in our area:)

    i have been reading your great blog ! i got your blog from aysha as well,
    i think Aysha became the connection tool of all of us :))

    glad to have you here

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