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Different Panorama!

Panorama is an attempt  of combining series of real stories together at one page. It is basically my daily observation of people’s life.I was hesitated in the beginning  of taking this step but later on i realized that in our world there is nothing that deserve to be invisible!

I.”I have been hoping that one day i can meet a person who can listen to my life’s story without emotion or judgment.  A listener that can take everything inside me and leave with no coming back!!” (an anonymous girl responding to me when i said that i trust strangers more than my friends)

II. you don’t see my tears when i cry. you don’t feel my pain when i suffer
( that was what a depressed man said to his face in the mirror)

III.”Whenever i search for myself i find the others, and when i search for them i only find my self.. so am i the individual crowd” ( from reading Mohammed Darwish’s poem last night)
IV. For the first time, I feel like I own my self !!!
( saudi student telling his mom about his experience in individualistic society (US)
IV.”When I feel that the reality doesn’t belong to me anymore, I try to build a new one in my imagination”
( my respond to my roommate when he asked me why do I think so much!)

VI.”Playing video game is better than drinking beers or going to the night club”
( A saudi guy at PSU responding to my question; why do you waste your life’s time in playing video game?)

3 thoughts on “Different Panorama!”

  1. ~I.
    You are an amazing guy,I’ve never seen.
    (:. that was my responding when I read murtadha’s blog).


    S. Alelaiwi

  2. S.Alelawiw
    you are the amazing one my dear,
    I miss you and i miss all the discussions that we had in the past:))

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