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bloggers,, sharing the pain with Hadeel

Love, dreams and hopes.. got all the bloggers together into one family.

bloggers, that came from all around the country to present their questions and thoughts..
and to tell their unique stories..
today, after hearing the sad news about the condition of Hadeel in the hospital from Aysha’s blog, i felt deeply sad to hear that.
Hadeel is an intelligent woman that writes thoughtfully and bravely.. anyone who gets the chance to read her blog, will really know how smart she is..
Now, Hadeel,, her thoughts ,, her ideas,, her hopes and dreams,, got all of us together to share her pain and her family’s prayers
please,, please join her family and friends in prayer

updates from Aysha’s blog:
April 21, 8 pm pacific, arwa, “hadeel is breathing on her own, she was given water and accepted it.”
April 22, 1 am pacific, father, “hadeel is not breathing on her own, she is still in a coma, and soon to be assessed by a medical group.”

May 16, 2 am pacific, Hadeel has passed away.

2 thoughts on “bloggers,, sharing the pain with Hadeel”

  1. I pray for her..Thanks for letting us know..Do update us on her condition…I havent yet been to her blog…
    I enjoyed read yours..Interesting and Remarkable!!!..


  2. Thanks Hannah,,
    it really amaze me how all of people got together to share the pain and sadness with Hadeel.. it is like a feeling of one family..

    thanks again and i am glad that you like the blog

    looking forward to see ur further comment

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