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9 attendants to PSY lecture

to live with  an old dream of yours
and then suddenly ,without any expectation, you see part of your dream reflected on the reality
this is what i call miracle

yesterday, i invited Dr.baher to come to PSU and give (  an introduction to psychology ) to saudi students .
in fact, i have an old perception about my soceity (saudi), it is that we don’t value reading and knowledge as much as soccer and video games

anyway, when the Dr.baher came to the room, he saw me alone waiting for him and then he look at my face asking.. is there anybody coming!!
“i never count on any body,,but helpfully there will be
more than two listening to your lecture” i said

before he started the lecture, two saudi entered the room

then we became 4

then we reached the number 9

no place in the earth could carry my happiness at that moment
i used to see maximum of 4 saudi attending the lectures that announced in the past

i checked hand everyone of them saying thank you
thank you

it is just wonderful to see people coming to you with hopes and dreams that are similar to yours

at the end of the lecture, everyone of them  were totally astonished and suprised by how wonerfull the psychology is.
they eagrily asked me to prepare for an upcoming event like this one

helpfully, we keep the number growing :))

i will post soon a summery of this lecture in my blog… 

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