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the evil side of collectivism

Before you read, 
“The following writing represent only me and my thoughts. It doesn’t represent any specific society or religion as a whole. So please, don’t make any generalization based on what you read. my thoughts are open to discussion and disagreement and i am willing to change anything you find it wrong”. 
There is a good side and evil side for everything. 
but for collectivism!!, 
It seems to me that the evil side appears more frequently than the good side.
Why? … well, because of the following :
1) Losing the identity of one’s self
The problem with a collective system is that it forces a person to lose his conscience of one self.
in a collective society like mine, a person make an account for the group more than him self. We behave in this way because the group behave in this way.
We talk, think, dream, love, smile, sleep and believe in specific way because the group ( that we belong to ) want us to be like that. This exactly illustrate the slavery by its true meaning. We are basically slave to our group. It is as simple as that. 
2) Judging a person by the group:
Another problem that a collective society generate is that it judges the person by the group
and the group by the person. 
For example, if a girl in a collective society committed adultery, she and her family would be held accountable for that. No one would marry any of her sisters just because of what she has done. This in fact against the teaching of Alquran since god judge individuals based on what they do,, not based on what their relatives do!!
3) Being identical in thoughts, beliefs and practice:
One common thing that all collective societies share is that they don’t accept easily disagreements. So basically, in order to survive, you need to follow what the group believes and practice without questioning its wrongness !
This means that you need to sacrifice your rationality and logic !!!
Now, since you can’t question or disagree with anyone of your group, all people becomes identical to the degree that you can’t differentiate one from another. 
4) You and Me working for the desire of OTHERS : 
Many people think of a collectivism as a good system since it emphasizes the importance of community’s needs more than individuals’ needs. They think that would leads to eliminate the selfishness of individuals. 
I wish it does but unfortunately what the collective society does is, , as Jarret Wollstein said, ” sacrificing you  and me to the desire of others”
5) The impossibilities of changes:
Don’t think about change in the collective society! Because you aren’t dealing with individuals, you are dealing with groups whose values and principles inherited a long time ago from past generations. 
Take women’s driving as an example, 
Why it is so difficult for women to drive in Saudi Arabia? Why the government hasn’t been able to force a law that can allow women to drive? Why didn’t women make a step forward and drive since they think it is their individual freedom!
Well, that is all because they are waiting for approval from something superpower called (a society).
My conclusion is that :
No major changes can happen in our society unless we transform it from the collectivism to the individualism!!
Something i realize and learn after reading khuled’s comment :
 we don’t want to be individualistic to the degree that make us selfish and think only of our self nor collective to the degree that makes us ” a product of someone else”

8 thoughts on “the evil side of collectivism”

  1. I’m against collectivism and against individualism too :). Where do I stand ? I stand somewhere between them — a troublesome guy , eh? I’m not sure though to which I’m closer :). I’m against the idea of being the slave of the ideas of others. L Althusser will be happy to hear this from you. I remember telling my prof, I don’t agree that we are the products of someone else’s ideologies . I have the will and the choice to be what I’m. True you learn a lot from the environment you’ve brought up in; however, it’s the individual choice to stick to them or to neglect them.

    Are you implying that we are in KSA are moving towards being a socialist / Marxist society as far as ideologies and regulations go? I guess, each society has its own standers , and the people living under the society choose where to stand.


  2. Khalid, i totally agree with you.. we shouldn’t be an individualistic to the degree that make us selfshise and think only of our self and ignore all others… in the same we shouldn’t be collective to the degree that make us ” a product of someone else”….
    always being between is the safest side!

    as for your question, i don’t think KSA is moving towards like China!
    socialism is more an economical and political system where the ( government ) get the control of the main production and everything else
    but for collectivism, it is an ideological system where ( inherited ideology called tradition or society ) control individuals in their thinking, beliefs and everything of their life.
    so basically the different between socialism and collectivism is the ” question of money”

    2) you said ” each society has its own standers , and the people living under the society choose where to stand”
    let’s look our soceity,,, it is very collective society at many extends.. but you and me can’t choose where to stand.. you can’t be individualistic in the collective society. YOU DON’T OWN YOUR SELF. YOU ARE THE SLAVE FOR THE GROUP.
    if we study the collective system of any society historically, we will find out that the collectivism is build up by inherited ideologies along time ago. you can’t build a collective system easily ,, it will take you five generation in order to make the collective system strong!

    thanks so much for taking time and comment on my post,, it is nice to meet you

  3. yay,no to selfishness; no to slavery 🙂 — welcome to the club :D.. Still we can own ourselves in a collectivist society. Just do what you think is right , and gradually you’ll find people agreeing with you — of course what a person wanna do has a limit. e.g. a person wants to marry a non-Saudi girl, the society will object. “Aren’t there good Saudi girls? Why looking outside KSA? and some people may go far and go on stereotyping the non-Saudi’s countries. Let’s assume the person changed mind , and decided to marry from KSA, then he is a slave of collectivism, if nope, then he chose where to stand. gradually the society will accept this fact , and will find it totally acceptable .Another e.g. a person want to study PE, the society might say (you’ll have no future, you’ll find no work, no girl will marry you 😀 and so on.. … Of course these are simple examples and if you look at it in depth it’s more complicated — not as simple as I illustrated it. I just cannot buy it ; I cannot be the product of someone else.

    As aside note LOL , I’ve just read that you are in Portland, so I’m wondering is there in Portland a place that make good Arabic food . I missed A-food, and I hope to find a good place :). I tried to find your email on the site , but to no avail, so I thought to ask here :). concerning suggesting a place , you can reply to khalide at uvic . ca (I didn’t put the @ and I separated the . for security reasons . Sorry again for sidetracking .
    All the Best
    PS: feel free to delete last part 🙂 since it’s not relevant.

  4. Hi Khalid,
    i already sent you some of the arabian restaurant in email,, but i don’t know if you i put ur email correctly,, anyway, in case, u don’t recieve my emial, you can send me in my email : murtadha@pdx,edu

  5. I do not know if it’s just me or if perhaps everybody else encountering issues
    with your blog. It appears as though some of the text on your posts are running off
    the screen. Can someone else please comment
    and let me know if this is happening to them too?

    This might be a problem with my browser because I’ve had this happen before.

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