church in Qatar,,,

i got more than one email from unknown persons saying that Muslims today are losing their main values and principles. WHY?? because they allow Christian people to build churches in muslim countries like Qatar and Kuwait…
but what is wrong with that? Muslims in a Christian countries are allowed to build as many mosques as they want. They even get the same advantages that Christian get. free electricity for their mosque and all other benefits that church get!
why it is OK and good for us to build hundred of mosques in Christian countries while it isn’t OK for christian to build even one Church in Islamic countries?
question that many muslims try to avoid and pass ! but i am not that person who let it goes without questioning why and why not!!
anyway, i am so happy for Christian in Qatar, UAE and Kwuite that they got a place where they can worships and practices their faith..
i am looking forward for the day when we have a Church for Christian in Saudi Arabia !
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feeling frustrated in the MAX

Before i left my room today, i picked quickly Hawthorne’s short stories. I thought that this book would be an easy one to read in the max.
i went to Pioneer Square and waited few minutes in the max station until the max arrived.
with a deep breath and big smile, i start reading the book.
i read the introduction and didn’t understand anything.. not even a single word.
i moved from one chapter to another trying to find a story that i can easily understand but i found nothing. At this moment, i began to feel like crazy. two and a half years in America and yet couldn’t understand even a complete sentence of this book.
Two american guys behind me in the max notice my frustration and knew that my frustration come from this book.
One of them asked me : ” Excuse me, are you reading the Hawthorne’s book for a class?”
” no, i am reading it for fun, i got it from one of my best friend” i replied.
” Really!! i am surprised. Hawthorne books aren’t easy to understand even for english speaker! Hawthorne use the language of 18th century. anyway,i am glad that you gave the book a chance. ” he said
His words were a huge relieve to me. He made me feel that all my work in these last two years didn’t go away.
There are many thing that i love in American society. one of them is that American people always give you new hope, different encouragement, big support and motivation. They give it you regardless of who you were and who you are. They give it you with a smile regardless of your religion and ethnicity. It wouldn’t make a difference to them if they knew that you a muslim or christen, conservative or liberal, unlike the people in my country where small differences in religion divides us into hated groups.

i closed my eyes and then opened the book again with a new attitude. the first paragraph that came out to me is the following :

” How often is it the case that, when impossibilities have come to pass and dreams have condensed their misty substance into tangible realities, we find ourselves calm, and even coldly self-possessed, amid circumstances which it would have been a delirium of joy and agony to anticipate! Fate delights to thwart us thus. Passion will choose his own time to rush upon the scene…” page 194

what a surprise!!, this paragraph came in a time when i really need it 🙂

Especial thanks for the one who gave me this book