different approach in blogging!

i am thinking these days to try a different approach in blogging.. 
who will know,, maybe the voice can be faster the the lights of words!

اني افكر هذه الفترة في منحى آخر في التدوين… 
التسجيل الصوتي
من يدري!
ربما يكون الصوت … اسرع من ضوء الكلمة!
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3rd panorama

” i thought i am so strong, but once i fall in love with her, i am nothing but a slave of her eyes”
( saudi guy describing to me his romantic story with an iranian girl in Portland)

” it was my dream to have a jewish roommate “
( telling my friend about my dreams)

“i am very liberal in the eyes of conservative and very conservative in the eyes of liberal”
( answering friend’s question about whether i am liberal or conservative )
لن تستطيع المرساه وحدها ان تبقيك في الاعماق
لا تمنعك الحاجة من كسر الزجاجة
فلا البحر يستوعب الزجاجة ولا الطير ينقل الحاجة في الافاق
افتح لخيالك الابواب فلم يعد الان شي محكم الاغلاق

رسالة من اخي علي على جوالي

“things that matter the most should never be at the mercy of things that matter the least”
( the quote that i read continuously… this quote is killing me because most of my problems comes from not following it!)

“i fasted, i prayed and decided i was wrong to forsake god for this world and my selfish desires so i made peace with god and decided to forsake the world for god”
( an christien girl told me that after she broke up with a muslim boyfriend)
“we suffer from an incurable malady : HOPE”
(part of mohammod darwish’s poem)

” there is no guarantee in life”
(an advise that my Brother salah gave me)
“you can know whether your love is true or not by knowing where it comes from! if it comes from your sexual desire, then it is obsoletely fake one.. because then love goes and come with it !”
( an advise i gave to saudi friend when he was telling me that he fell in love with an american girl)
” it is better to be stupid and astonish people with you intelligent than to be intelligent and astonish them with your stupidity “
( this is what my friend told me when i got so astonished and impressed by how knowledgeable and intellectual he is)
” have you ever had  a sex ?!”
( unexpected question that came out from an american girl when we were doing group project!)
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Waiting for another Hadeel !

Hadeel has passed away and everyone of us felt immense sadness for losing her. 
however, Time will pass and day after day we will realize that death wasn’t and will never be an ending point of people’s life. I am full of confident that we will meet another Hadeel. 

Hadeel wouldn’t go away without leaving someone who can carry her message. 

Her beautiful message that speaks of hopes and dreams. A hope to see saudi women working hand on hand with saudi men to construct a new future.  A future when all our differences are vanished.

the new future when Sunni are hugging Shia in the street of Riyadh. the new future when a shiia are hugging a sunni in the street of Alqatif and Alhassa. The new future when a conservative person is setting next a liberal person with respect and love.  
Hadeel’s dreams would never end !

and !
 as long there is someone speaking out of Hadeel’s message, Hadeel is alive !
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While i am you, you don’t need to be someone else

Dear Murtadha 

Things move and change very fast.. faster than we really imagine and expect.. I am writing to you now with full of doubts in my mind. I don’t really understand you and I don’t think that you understand me either! There are many thing that make no sense to me in your world. I don’t really know what to love and what to hate in you. But all i know that i am obliged to be part of you and you are obliged to be part of me. We can’t be separated. What hurt you, hurt me. What make you smile, make me smile too.  So why don’t really understand that YOU and I are one person? 


Change your name as many as you want. Put mask on your face . Pretend to be someone else. But that all can’t change who you truly are!
Murtadha, I know that you are really afraid of me! It is always risky to confront your self. It is always dangerous to dive in the ocean of your self! But let me tell you this: you already made a risk for coming to this world. So why are you afraid of the risk that you already taken?
Murtadha, I don’t really understand why do you need to trust somebody else while I am the only one who can understand you and knows your story. I don’t really understand why do you seek to justify your reason for people while I am your reason and your common sense!
While i am your heart, you don’t need to borrow somebody’s heart. While i am your eyes, you don’t need to look at the mirror. While i am your dream, you don’t need to seek somebody’s dream and While i am you, you don’t need to be someone else!
together, we can build a great empire 
together, we can open that a new window and close the old ones
together, we can confront PAIN in its all forms 
so now you decide, do you want to be together ?
it is now your decision 
but before you make such a crucial decision like this, remember that you are nothing without me and i am nothing without you
Best wishes 
your self
the location : somewhere anonymous  in you 
10th of May, 2008 
12: 48 a.m
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the 2nd Panorama !

This is a second attempt of combing several stories together at one page. I am thinking of doing a panorama every week. I thought it is a good way of presenting a long stories in short sentences.

I.”the most difficult stages of grief are those that can’t be expressed in our face”
(photographer describing a pic of someone)
II.”It is only until you have accepted your insanity that you are truly insane”
(homeless holding this post in a pioneer square)
III. “you can’t really tell how many girls are sexually abused in a country like Saudi Arabia since there is no valid source that can tell you that. Victims rarely tell their family or even a police about their rape issue because they know that they will be questioned  and blamed first”.
(my respond to one of my friend when he said that the rape statistic in KSA is very low because of restriction that comes from religious police)
IV.”Aha,, so it isn’t men problem,, it is women problem.. this is very interesting! blaming the victim for a crime that men do”
(my respond to a guy at PSU when he said ” women are raped because they don’t dressed properly)
VI “the different between a victim and a survival is that a survival speaks out”
(a girl that was sexually abused speaking out at PSU park)
V. “i am willing to work as a dish washer.. or even bathrooms’ cleaner at the university. it is just a great opportunity to experience a different life”
( answering my friend’s when he asked me ” why do you want so hard to work at campus”)

VI.“We might be products of our past but we don’t have to be prisoners of it”
(a text message that i got from one of my friend at 12 a.m)