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the 2nd Panorama !

This is a second attempt of combing several stories together at one page. I am thinking of doing a panorama every week. I thought it is a good way of presenting a long stories in short sentences.

I.”the most difficult stages of grief are those that can’t be expressed in our face”
(photographer describing a pic of someone)
II.”It is only until you have accepted your insanity that you are truly insane”
(homeless holding this post in a pioneer square)
III. “you can’t really tell how many girls are sexually abused in a country like Saudi Arabia since there is no valid source that can tell you that. Victims rarely tell their family or even a police about their rape issue because they know that they will be questioned  and blamed first”.
(my respond to one of my friend when he said that the rape statistic in KSA is very low because of restriction that comes from religious police)
IV.”Aha,, so it isn’t men problem,, it is women problem.. this is very interesting! blaming the victim for a crime that men do”
(my respond to a guy at PSU when he said ” women are raped because they don’t dressed properly)
VI “the different between a victim and a survival is that a survival speaks out”
(a girl that was sexually abused speaking out at PSU park)
V. “i am willing to work as a dish washer.. or even bathrooms’ cleaner at the university. it is just a great opportunity to experience a different life”
( answering my friend’s when he asked me ” why do you want so hard to work at campus”)

VI.“We might be products of our past but we don’t have to be prisoners of it”
(a text message that i got from one of my friend at 12 a.m)

7 thoughts on “the 2nd Panorama !”

  1. Once Again you amaze me..!!!.Very Articulate..
    “V.” i am willing to work as a dish washer.. or even bathrooms’ cleaner at the university. it is just a great opportunity to experience a different life”….Similar to what I told My parents when they asked Why the Hell Did I want to work!!! I just wanted to get the “American Experience”!!!..OFcourse no scrubbing the bathroom!!!..

  2. ” women are raped because they don’t dressed properly”

    outrageous!!! nobody has the right to abuse anybody for any reason.. there is no justification no matter how u look at it!!

    i loved ur blog by the way..

  3. oprah arabia,
    i am glad that i found someone who share with me the same attitude 🙂
    working in any level,, gives us a unique experience and knowledge.. many of my friends would choose to stay home without work instead of working in grocery store! they think it is a shameful job.. they want to be a manger in a bank of something all at once!!!
    thanks again oprah arabia for taking time to read my blog.. glad to have u here

  4. yawarakai
    i have been reading your blog.. i really enjoy it..
    as for rape issue, it really surprise me too how people sometimes justify the crime by blaming the victim. i think it is time to say it clear and out loud that if we continue justifying the rape issue by some ridicules reason like that, then we are helping the rapists in doing their crime ..

    thanks again
    glad that you like the blog

  5. True..Murtadha…Ppl back home dont know the value of experience that we`ll get from it..Its all about “Hey I have an American Degree,Do I Look like a person who would accept SR10,000/mnth Salary?”…!!!

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