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Waiting for another Hadeel !

Hadeel has passed away and everyone of us felt immense sadness for losing her. 
however, Time will pass and day after day we will realize that death wasn’t and will never be an ending point of people’s life. I am full of confident that we will meet another Hadeel. 

Hadeel wouldn’t go away without leaving someone who can carry her message. 

Her beautiful message that speaks of hopes and dreams. A hope to see saudi women working hand on hand with saudi men to construct a new future.  A future when all our differences are vanished.

the new future when Sunni are hugging Shia in the street of Riyadh. the new future when a shiia are hugging a sunni in the street of Alqatif and Alhassa. The new future when a conservative person is setting next a liberal person with respect and love.  
Hadeel’s dreams would never end !

and !
 as long there is someone speaking out of Hadeel’s message, Hadeel is alive !

5 thoughts on “Waiting for another Hadeel !”

  1. Allah yr7amha o y3’frlaha ya rab…She will be missed…and may all her dreams hopes and prayers come true 🙂

  2. Life goes on as a never stop, it can be true in one second!

    P.S. “Work for this life as if you will live for eternity, work for the life after as if you will die tomorrow”

  3. Ahmed,

    you have already achieved great part of those dreams.. i love your blog and your writing … keep it up brohter.. i really admire you

    her dreams will come true one day.. and it is soon inshallah

    hopfully when you start your own blog, we will get to see your dreams as well.. dreaming is the first step towrd new reality .. new world !

    yeah, life goes on my brother but we never forget our true friends

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