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3rd panorama

” i thought i am so strong, but once i fall in love with her, i am nothing but a slave of her eyes”
( saudi guy describing to me his romantic story with an iranian girl in Portland)

” it was my dream to have a jewish roommate “
( telling my friend about my dreams)

“i am very liberal in the eyes of conservative and very conservative in the eyes of liberal”
( answering friend’s question about whether i am liberal or conservative )
لن تستطيع المرساه وحدها ان تبقيك في الاعماق
لا تمنعك الحاجة من كسر الزجاجة
فلا البحر يستوعب الزجاجة ولا الطير ينقل الحاجة في الافاق
افتح لخيالك الابواب فلم يعد الان شي محكم الاغلاق

رسالة من اخي علي على جوالي

“things that matter the most should never be at the mercy of things that matter the least”
( the quote that i read continuously… this quote is killing me because most of my problems comes from not following it!)

“i fasted, i prayed and decided i was wrong to forsake god for this world and my selfish desires so i made peace with god and decided to forsake the world for god”
( an christien girl told me that after she broke up with a muslim boyfriend)
“we suffer from an incurable malady : HOPE”
(part of mohammod darwish’s poem)

” there is no guarantee in life”
(an advise that my Brother salah gave me)
“you can know whether your love is true or not by knowing where it comes from! if it comes from your sexual desire, then it is obsoletely fake one.. because then love goes and come with it !”
( an advise i gave to saudi friend when he was telling me that he fell in love with an american girl)
” it is better to be stupid and astonish people with you intelligent than to be intelligent and astonish them with your stupidity “
( this is what my friend told me when i got so astonished and impressed by how knowledgeable and intellectual he is)
” have you ever had  a sex ?!”
( unexpected question that came out from an american girl when we were doing group project!)

2 thoughts on “3rd panorama”

  1. Hi.

    I just discovered your blog and i like what i am reading. Keep it up!

    “i am very liberal in the eyes of conservative and very conservative in the eyes of liberal”

    oohh… this describes me too… 🙂

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