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GOD,,keep me adolescent!

time : 7:05 clock

i woke up

and suddenly i found my self in the bathroom

i spent five minutes in the mirror observing my self

sometimes, i feel that i am more foolish than the person i see in the mirror.

such a contradictory feeling like this got me quickly to throw my self in the water.

In the water,, thinking of nothing except my self and what is happening inside me.

It is a wonderful feeling that a person feels when he dives in himself to measure the depth of his ocean.

Time: 7:25 clock

got out quickly,, only twenty-five minutes left for my class to start

i run quickly

sometimes, running makes us feel like there is something following us .

this scary feeling frightened me and makes my blood’s atoms grapple with each other.

Time : 9:15 clock

i look at my watch..

i have 50 minutes before my philosophy class start

my philosophy class is so enjoyable but none of us could easily understand what the professor is saying.

maybe this is what he want or maybe that is what he want us to think of him

the professor asked really strange questions

sometimes, i feel he is the  stupidest one in the world.

but at the end, he really surprised us with a different conclusion.

i learned from this professor that stupidity is a trick that is played intelligently by smart people so they can live peacefully and away of our interruption.

Time : 8:30 clock

thinking deeply,,

in my head , many questions are grappling with each other

now i am about to reach the most dangerous stage of human’s life

it is so-called – the stage of uncertainty

i don’t know how Descartes was able to pass through this stage safely?

but me,,

as my grandmother said: ” a young teenager that his absorbed adolescence can’t be carried away from university’s borders “

Oh that Adolescence ,, allows me to transform every mistake i make into new category..

called ( experience )

Time: 12:00 clock

before i go to sleep :

i scream :

Dear God,

take everything you want,,

but keep me adolescent

7 thoughts on “GOD,,keep me adolescent!”

  1. (i learned from this professor that stupidity is a trick that is played intelligently by smart people so they can live peacefully and away of our interruption.)

    Is that you the one who wrote these words. This is very nice ending. I always tell Shaima, when we hold the pen Jabrail come just above your head to tell you what to write. (^_^),,

  2. 🙂 halah salah,,,
    it is really true,,, Jabrail come always above our head when we intentionally write something 🙂

  3. Nice Blog … I feel that we have neglected our “adolescence” when we were adolescent … not realizing that it can be the most enjoyable time in our life … when time defeats us, and adolescence begins to leave, we wish with everything we’ve got , that it stays with us… God, this is so messed up! like on of my quotes say “I hope life isn’t a big joke, because i don’t get it”
    again, Nice Blog 🙂

  4. Broken wing,
    your name hide sad stories behind it 🙂
    i am glad that you liked my blog,, i am wondering if you have a blog,, it will be cool for you to have a place where you can expose all your stories ,,,
    thanks again for your nice comment

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