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Who Are We?

Throughout the history, every society starts its civilization by answering a very simple question; Who are we! As easy and simple this question may appear for many of us as hard it is to find an answer for it in reality.  

Some societies comes from nothing and starts building its own identity and its own civilization. other societies like ours always ignore ( and sometimes prohibit ) thinking of this type of question while in the same time it spend most of its time thinking of what it want to be!
How can we become what we want to be if we don’t know who we are? Why we (Saudi) don’t like to confront the fact that we don’t have an identity.
Please don’t tell me the your identity is what you inherited from your grand grand grand parents 200 years ago. I want to know your identity now. who are you? who am I? who are we? Can you answer any of these simple questions!
Identity isn’t something we inherited from previous generation but rather something that we give to the next generation and i don’t see anything that we would give to the next history other than fights over who is gonna enter the heaven first, or a fight over how saudi women and men should dressed in the public, or a fight over why women shouldn’t drive, etc…
we are so pathetic, aren’t we?
believe me!
you might be able to ignore the question, but you will never be able to ignore the scary feeling that you get when (yourself) approach you and ask you : who are you?

11 thoughts on “Who Are We?”

  1. marwan
    الواجبااااات تكثر هذه الايام… يبدو اني اهرب من واجبات الجامعة لكي اتفاجئ بواجبات التدوين

    شكراً على الواجب..سأعمله في اقرب وقت ممكن
    احتاج الى جبرائيل لكي يخبرني بمافي رأسي

  2. As a Saudi, I don’t know who I am, I just follow the rules… but as a person, I’m still working on that task for the past few years until now…

  3. Hala, your comment always bring up very interesting topics.. your comment is so true..
    we just follow the rules,,
    rules that were created 10 centuries ago!

    as for knowing the self, i was taking course in the university. it was such a good one. it is called ” constructed the self, I,we,they” we studied in the firs term about (recognizing the self) and in the second term, recognizing (we) as a society and in the last term, we studies ( they) referring to those who were classified by us as outsiders.
    what i feel Hala is that like i am living in a society where it is in fact doesn’t represent me. so it is like i am viewing my self inside my society as an outsider!

  4. Knowing and managing oneself is a long path to maturity, while it’s smart at times to follow outdated rules to keep yourself safe and at peace, you’ll eventually grow out of them and make your own rules once you can…

  5. another thing, does the society a representative of a person or vice versa? I guess one of the blessings of modern life is that people can search for options and follow different paths despite upbringing or traditions…It’s ok not to belong, as long as you don’t offend or disrespect, after all, we were created different!!

  6. let me disagree with one part:
    “Some societies comes from nothing and starts building its own identity”. I believe each one will use whatever calture [or even parts of culture] he has and collectivily socity will come up with its own culture [or civilization] from those parts!

    otherwise, just for the sake of complixity, I was born at the U.S. and lived here for around 4 years, 1 year in my father’s hometown, 13 years in another city, 7 years in another one and currently 2 years at U.S. Can you solve this?! Who am I? Where am I from?

    peace, and good luck in finding the lost part!

  7. wow .. seriously it took me a long time to grasp the question you are asking. I don’t know who i am. Maybe because i am too young to know, too young to understand. I don’t know, and i hate the word i don’t know because i don’t see it as an option for an answer, but when i asked my self what you are asking me, i couldn’t find an answer
    Is is because we are not supposed to know who we are? hmmmmmmm, you make me think 🙂

  8. as a person i believe that knowing urself doesn’t just merely rely on societal involvement. Though sometimes it is accounted for that but i stand with this quotaion of one of the prominnt psychologist of the past “Give me a thieve’s child and i will make him a judge, give me a poor child, and i will raise him a rich kid, give me a sickly infant and i will make him a doctor.” Knowing oneself involves various things..such as conditional nurturing in a family, societal norms and cultures grasped by the individual, and other related behavioristic factors. Well…unless one has a complete and intimate relationship with His savior Jesus he’ll be able to know himself-coz He is the author and perfecter of this world. We are formed into our mother’s womb fearfully and wonderfully and God knows every strand of our hair and watever is inside of us…therefore knowing him will enable us to knw ourselved also coz He is the potter and we are his masterpiece clay!!! Salaimalaicum!!!!

  9. Hala,
    thanks so much for your thoughtful comment

    i bet you know your self more than us,, because of your migration from one country to another,,, always traveling give us insights to know things that were hidden from us for so long,,,

  10. broken wing,,,
    questioning your self will lead your one day to sail in your (self land),,,

    pam lofamia,
    -“unless one has a complete and intimate relationship with His savior Jesus he’ll be able to know himself-coz He is the author and perfecter of this world.”

    Christianity has a beautiful guidance in knowing one self through Jesus Christ, i really love christens ,, i have been in Church a couple of times,, the only thing i would criticize about Christian is that they always wanna eliminate Jesus’s message to themselves,,, just like Muslim eliminated Mohammed’s message to themselves,,,
    that is a problem i found in every religion include Judaism!

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