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my blog’s project!

click on the picture to see it bigger !
the summary of my project:
i will keep track of everything i spend and what i do in every hour. I will also count how many page i read per day. At the end, I will compare my result and get a clear image of how i spend my life. I will put the result in my blog. If you want to participate with me in this project, just keep track of whatever you spend (time,money, reading) and share with me your result

3 thoughts on “my blog’s project!”

  1. Good greetings,
    Well, In fact I’m not here to comment on this topic. I’m here to say this:
    I’m trying to gather as many as possible of current real-life inspirational stories.
    I’ll be so glad if you post any current real-life inspirational story you know as a comment in the site below.
    After that, I’ll post your story as a new post & sure credits will go to you.
    Your story is expected to be supported with any kind of strong evidence: photos, videos, audio.etc.
    Let’s just be more positive…

  2. I would add something to your daily monitor, record your reactions and daily moods to events… I tried once to do that but failed to follow up on it, I got so many interruptions in my course to manage such a disciplined task as this, good luck in yours though!!

  3. the beautiful spirit :
    thanks so much for the invitation, i will try to find an inspirational story and send it to you in ur blog.
    it is really great idea !

    i haven’t thought about monitoring my reactions! it will be cool to measure my reaction over time and see how do i react to some issues ! i will add that to my project! thanks so much Hala for the suggestion!

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