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the 5th Panorama !

As i said before, Panorama is a collection of short sentences that represent part of my observation around this odd world!

” Reading is important. writing is important. but,, what more important is understanding numbers.”

psychology’s professor at PSU taking to me about the importance of numbers while i was repairing his computer
الفرق بين عيادتي النفسية وعيادة الجامعة ان الطبيب الذي يعالج في عيادتي مجنون. مجنون. مجنون.
هذا اعلان لعيادتي التي فتحتها في فترة الاختبارات… صدقوني نحن بحاجة للمجانين في هذا الزمن اكثر من الدكاترة والعقلاء
” I feel a pain here in my head and there in my feet. I also feel a pain in my stomach and my skin, you know what it feels when you get old, you feel like you wanna die just to get rid of the pain”
my old lovely aunt talking to me about her pains.
“It doesn’t matter how well you speak when you have nothing to say”
Richard Pimentel quoting someone else in his speech at PSU graduation ceremony. it was a really powerful speech
“I don’t want you to follow my footsteps, i already did.. i want you to follow your footsteps!”
” listening to Richard Pimentel’s speech at PSU graduation ceremony”
“Listen,,,behind every face you encounter in the street, a story!,,, look at that angry girl while she is talking to her boyfriend,,, she has a story,,,
look at that old man waiting for the bus to come,, he has a story ,,, look at that black guy as he sit alone in the corner,, he has a story… look at that homeless guy as he sleep on the street, he has a story too. my job as observant is to figure out the story behind everyone of them”
talking with my brother Mustafa about the beauty of observation!

“being under men’s mercy, is the beggiest mistake that most of us do”
saudi married-woman talking to my sister about the importance of being independent for women”
نحن مجتمع فضولي الى حد الجنون.. الكل يريد ان يتدخل في الحياة الخاصة لكل شخص..الكل يريد ان يعرف لماذا طلق فلان مرأته ولماذا ذلك الرجل يلبس هذا النوع من الباس ولماذا تلك المرأة لا تتحدث مع امها .. ولماذا ذلك الشاب تخصص في هذا التخصص ..ولا نكتفي بذلك … نحن نختلق الاحداث ونحلل الخبر بالشكل الذي نريده..فنقول ان ذلك الرجل طلق مرأته لانه يعاني من مرض نفسي وأن تلك المرأة طلقها زوجها لانها كانت في فضيحة.. ووهذا حالة طبيعية … الانسان حينما يخاف من تقييم نفسه ..فأنه يحاول اللجوء الى تقييم الاخرين
هذا ماقلته لاحد الاصدقاء بعد سماعي لاحاديث الشباب حول اسباب طلاق احد الاشخاص لزوجته
” I can have Sex, free massage and someone that cook breakfast for me every morning!”
a guy saying that while i was siting with one of my friend in Goose Hollow building!
” I should hold a sign written in it (Pains for free)”
that was what came to my mine when I saw two beautiful girls holding a sign written in it “free hug!!

أن يعرف الإنسان كيف بدأت الحياة الإنسانية أمر شاق:إذ من الذي عرف البداية بنفسه؟
مقطع من كتاب ادوارد سعيد.. اعشق هذا الكاتب جدا واعشق جميع افكاره واطروحاته

3 thoughts on “the 5th Panorama !”

  1. Murtadha,

    I loved the quotes. I won’t comment on them and just leave them like you did as observations to learn from about the diversity of human thoughts. I will look for number 6 🙂

  2. Thank you (Saudi in US)
    i am trying to give images through short sentences about people’s lives.
    in many times, i got shocked by how poor my knowledge is about THE OTHERS!
    anyway,, i am planning to make my 10th panorama different! i mean ,,extending it to include ( homeless, prostitutes,atheists ,drunk and guy people …etc)

    thanks again

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