AIESEC Summer Conference

One Family,, From All Around The World

3 thoughts on “AIESEC Summer Conference”

  1. Thank you broken wing 🙂
    AIESEC is a very awesome organization… it exist in most countries across the global,,, it basically gives you internship and exchange opportunities.
    So let’s say that you wanna do ur internship in French, you can go there through AIESEC. Also, AIESEC people in French will take care of you once you get the airport because AIESEC is very much a connection network, that connect people together across the globe..

    If you wanna more information, visit this link

    I think most US university has AIESEC, so check it out

  2. you know, now that you mention it i remember a similar organization with the same connotation existed in my high school like a “student exchange program”.

    i thought about checking it out, but i then i remembered that I’m a Saudi female =( and i am put on a really short leash.

    Thank you for the information =)

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