let me say it out loud

When western media refer to Islam as Radical religion, Islamic world gets angry and really upset. When guys from Denmark made fun of our religion, Muslim went to street, scream, burn embassies and did everything. When anybody insult our religion, we declare a war on him. But when we refer to other religions like Christianity and Judaism as bad religions, when we call them apes and pigs, that is totally OK. I don’t really understand how Muslim thinks. how is it OK for us to insult other religion and people and not OK for them to insult us!

i found this video on YOUTBE. The interviewer from Saudi Channel went on the street and asked people. one of his stupid question was: “would you, as human being, be willing to shake hands with a jew and why?” most of people said without hesitation that they would never shake hands with a jew for a various of stupid reasons. Some of them said that it is because of religious values, other said that that Jews are the enemy of Islam.

the next question that the interviewer asked was “if a child asks you ” who are the jews” what would you say?”

watch the video to hear the answers because for me, it is very embarrassing to write their answers on my blog

now let me clear it out for every muslim and let me say it out loud:

  • if you want your religion to be respected among people, you should respect people’ religions too.
  • and for god sake, stop calling jews apes and pigs, and stop promoting Hatred on them. i mean it is so ridicules that some Arab school and channel i teaches children in their early ages how to hate jews.
  • religion shouldn’t be mixed with politics
  • Judaism and Christianity along with all other religions are very beautiful religions just like our religion.

Now allow me to answer the interviewer questions:

1) “would you, as human being, be willing to shake hands with a jew and why?”

I would shake hands with jews without a moment of hesitation because i love them. because Judaism is a beautiful religion, because they are human being just like i am, because we worship the same god, because they are my brothers and sister in humanity

2) “if a child asks you ” who are the jews” what would you say?”

i will tell him that jews are very nice people who got to have a wonderful religion. I hold a huge amount of respect and love for them

now you tell me, if you have been asked these question, what would you say honestly?