The most common lie

“The most common lie is that which one lies to himself; lying to others is relatively an exception” Nietzche

8 thoughts on “The most common lie”

  1. A good choice Murtadha :).. Usually the human mind defends itself against the discomfort of guilt by denying the existence of committing any guilt on the first hand. Thus it’s natural that someone’s lies while s/he doesn’t realize it — our mind rejects the idea of lying when indeed we lie to the extend that we cannot differentiate between when we lie and when we say the truth. When you lie to yourself, you’ll lie to others.

  2. When you want to protect yourself from harsh realities, you lie to yourself.

    lying is very appealing because it can make a bad situation seem better than it actually is, but in the long run it will make things worse.

    I think fear is why lying to yourself is “The most common lie” . Instead of dealing with a situation, or confronting it is easier to just forget about it, thinking somehow everything will work itself out.

    That what i think of the quote 🙂

  3. Khalid,
    i totally agree with you,, i also believes that most of our problems comes from lying to ourselves

    Broken wing,
    always fear comes in front when it comes to lying.. i also wanna add that we always fear from ourselves,, discovering the truth about us is more risky than discovering the truth about others

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