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December Panorama


  • “Homesickness to me is an attempt to be stable in an unstable world”
    my niece ,talking to me about homesickness after her arrival to US.
  • “I think what that iraqi journalist did to Bush is very foolish and stupid. Bravery and honor doesn’t come from throwing shoes , it comes from standing against the chaos that is in Iraq.”
    talking to my friend after watching the video in the news.
  • You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star” Friedrich Nietzsche
  • “Do you know how does love start! love starts first with small emotion, then it get bigger and bigger!”
    Kuwait girl explaining to me the love process!
  • “It is impossible to prove the existence of god speculatively, yet impossible to prove his nonexistence!”
    A French professor lecturing in a movie
  • Most of us talk about happiness as we already have it, while nobody has it, it is our infinite journey to happiness what makes us happy. A guy talking to me about the finite happiness
  • ” This beauty, i mean the beauty you see in this world, is relatively small compare to the great beauty of god, how come people leave the real beauty and run for the fake ones!’
    a Muslim teacher speaking to the students.
  • Philosophy to me is basically simplifying the simple ,, this is why it is complicated ”
    me, defining Philosophy to my friend.
  • When you burn a flag of any country, you don’t burn a president or the government ,, you burn a history and great civilization” my comments over some Muslim who burned US flag because of the US support to Israel

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