“In sleep, fantasy takes the form of dreams. But in waking life too, we continue to dream beneath the threshold of consciousness, especially when under the influence of repressed or other unconscious complexes”

“Problems of Modern Psychotherapy” (1929). In CW 16: The Practice of Psychotherapy. pg.125

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The 716,250 Riyal!


Two weeks ago, I went to our admission office at PSU to get more info in regard graduation deadline and whether or not the university notify Saudi Cultural Mission regard the graduation date. One of the admission office employees, smiled and then said

“ In the past, your embassy don’t even care about whether the student is graduated within a timeline, we had a Saudi student who has been studying here for 10 years and yet he hasn’t graduated! ,The interesting part though is that your embassy has been paying for his tuition for all the past 10 years until his advisor called our office last year and terminated his scholarship”

Now let’s do some calculation here to count how much money has been wasted on this guy for the past 10 years:

  • 12 months Multiplied by the number of year ( the 5 years the expiration of his scholarship ) so 12 * 5 = 60 month
  • student receive allowance of $1350 every month ( based on past system) and so the total money wasted on his allowance :  $ 81,000
  • Student tutation is average between $5,500 to 7,000 ( assuming he has been taking  a minimum of 12 credit every quarter)
  • four quarter a year ( assuming that he hasn’t been taking every summer) : 20 * $5,500 = $ 110,000
  • Total money that is wasted on this one saudi student is :  191,000 US Dollar
  • converting money to Saudi currency = 716,250 Riyal Saudi

Now my fellow readers, I want you to be creative and tell me how many business project can be established by that much of money? how many homeless in your city can be fed by that much?

People here  in SACM are playing with money while  people in back home are sleeping in the street, begging government and social communities for a couple of cents.

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My Twitteries


Twitter is a website that is build up by answering a very simple question: What are you doing right now? I didn’t like the idea of it in the beginning but then i thought that it would cool if I use it to illustrate my thoughts from one moment to another. I write some of my twitters in Arabic and so I decided to translate some of them to share it with you.

  • “The day which we fear as our last is but the birthday of eternity.” (Seneca)

  • Once again, I woke up and faced the shock. I didn’t imagine that our sleeping dreams would just vanish so quickly in a moment

  • Most of my friends look at happiness as an emotion while it’s in fact a philosophy!

  • “True, Kant had a taste for celibacy equal to his love of thought” She said

  • Do you believe me if I say that the blind person has the ability to see  the beauty of the world better than us,,what You and I  see here is either an invented illusion or a manipulated reality.
  • “Plato admits desire in Knowledge. How can we live this Paradox? She said

  • “Since Zeus cut men in two, each is seeking his missing half! (from a French movie)
  • It is impossible to prove the existence of god speculatively, yet impossible to prove his nonexistence! (from a French movie)
  • Humans were both male and female but Zeus split them as punishment” she said
  • When we don’t push ourselves to be conscious enough, we live in somewhere between illusion and reality
  • Passion is an illusion entailing a loss of autonomy and freedom! she said!
  • How can we stimulate something we don’t see, and how do we measure the scope of our vision! especially in vague world like ours
  • How can we leave the sensible world for the intelligible one? ( Plato )
  • Anyone who believed that he is a perfect person,, he is very much assuming that he is a god
  • Whenever I hear voices that come out from the wall, i cry,, and sometimes I laugh ,,, these walls remind me of the wall between my first ego and my second one.
  • It looks like that we unconsciously engage in an emotional relationship with everything around us.
  • Do we have the ability to explain ourselves clear enough? Do our voices or our writing really represent what we feel? of course not.
  • Reaching the self-satisfaction is a relative issue,, it change as the circumstances change,, this is why we never reach the complete self satisfaction as we move on our life
  • The real pain is the source of spiritual, emotional and intellectual revolution,, but the fake pain,, it is just a process of humiliating ourselves
  • When I say that I have a pain,, that doesn’t mean I am suffering ,,of course not, That mean i am smiling, adoring, and finding the real beauty of my world
  • The gap between man and woman in my society is big and it gets even bigger after marriage.

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I don’t know!


Sometimes, I have a feeling that my life is going to be shorter than I imagine. Time always walks with us as a friend until the very last moment of our life then it throw us in its deep, dark hole!

But should I dream more! should I hope more! should I think more! should I read more! should I love more? I don’t know!

Is my life worth something or nothing? Am I in right or wrong? Did I achieve a lot or just a little? I don’t know!

Do I want to be remembered or forgotten? Do I want to share my life with someone or do I want stay alone? I don’t know!

Should I be faithful or skeptical? should I ask and argue? should I care or ignore? I don’t know!

I don’t know and all what I know is that I don’t know!

Do you think I should know?