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I don’t know!


Sometimes, I have a feeling that my life is going to be shorter than I imagine. Time always walks with us as a friend until the very last moment of our life then it throw us in its deep, dark hole!

But should I dream more! should I hope more! should I think more! should I read more! should I love more? I don’t know!

Is my life worth something or nothing? Am I in right or wrong? Did I achieve a lot or just a little? I don’t know!

Do I want to be remembered or forgotten? Do I want to share my life with someone or do I want stay alone? I don’t know!

Should I be faithful or skeptical? should I ask and argue? should I care or ignore? I don’t know!

I don’t know and all what I know is that I don’t know!

Do you think I should know?

6 thoughts on “I don’t know!”

  1. I will answer you with a few question:
    In your life did you just give a little?
    or did you give all that you had?
    where you just somewhere in the middle?
    not to good? not to bad?

    This is from a song by Prince called last december

  2. In my case I wouldn’t want to know how long I will live. It’ll only frighten me. I like to live as if each day were my last, although many times I fail in doing that.

  3. Perhaps the answer to every question is both, “Yes,” and, “No,” in turns. Life does not have to be a matter of extremes but of a weaving between the two poles of any consideration.

  4. princejimi,
    I have heard that song once before, and i couldn’t find it since then. Thank you for sharing it !

    It is frightening! It is even more frightening if you look it in another way. Based on studies, the life expectancy In US for male is 74 and for female is 80 years. so if we subtract our current age from that, we will get the remaining balance.

    This is what i thought too, philosophically (Yes or No question) doesn’t work really well in our reality!

  5. I do not think you should know. How eventful would life be? Life is like a path you take without really knowing your destination. That includes choices. How else will you learn at that precise moment who you truly are?

  6. I agree Noor, that it is impossible to have the answers for all these questions but i think what make our life unique is our journey to find the answers for the questions

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