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The 716,250 Riyal!


Two weeks ago, I went to our admission office at PSU to get more info in regard graduation deadline and whether or not the university notify Saudi Cultural Mission regard the graduation date. One of the admission office employees, smiled and then said

“ In the past, your embassy don’t even care about whether the student is graduated within a timeline, we had a Saudi student who has been studying here for 10 years and yet he hasn’t graduated! ,The interesting part though is that your embassy has been paying for his tuition for all the past 10 years until his advisor called our office last year and terminated his scholarship”

Now let’s do some calculation here to count how much money has been wasted on this guy for the past 10 years:

  • 12 months Multiplied by the number of year ( the 5 years the expiration of his scholarship ) so 12 * 5 = 60 month
  • student receive allowance of $1350 every month ( based on past system) and so the total money wasted on his allowance :  $ 81,000
  • Student tutation is average between $5,500 to 7,000 ( assuming he has been taking  a minimum of 12 credit every quarter)
  • four quarter a year ( assuming that he hasn’t been taking every summer) : 20 * $5,500 = $ 110,000
  • Total money that is wasted on this one saudi student is :  191,000 US Dollar
  • converting money to Saudi currency = 716,250 Riyal Saudi

Now my fellow readers, I want you to be creative and tell me how many business project can be established by that much of money? how many homeless in your city can be fed by that much?

People here  in SACM are playing with money while  people in back home are sleeping in the street, begging government and social communities for a couple of cents.

8 thoughts on “The 716,250 Riyal!”

  1. I think there should be a contract or something that tells the person in black and white that he’s going to be kicked out once he doesn’t finish his course in a stated number of years. That’s what we do in my university.

    I agree about the money being put to better use. I know there are Saudis out there that are more deserving than the guy you mentioned because they know what a good education can bring them and they know how to work hard for it. And I think you’re among them!

  2. ya know if someone wants to be a career student that is fine, go right ahead. As long as your paying for it yourself. The guy should have a few degrees after 10 years.

  3. First of all congrats for the new website 🙂 at last I found it. Now let’s get to business; hmmmm, 10 years — do you know what 🙂 I wish they don’t check on me too for another 10 years so I can take another undergraduate degree and two PhD’s :).. Hey, how come this guy was able to stay 10 years!! Here they count each year on me. e.g. in 2 years I have to get MA, if I don’t get it, I’ll not receive the monthly allowance unless my adviser send a letter to the Saudi Cultural Bureau requesting that I extend my degree for another year.

    I know a PhD student here who didn’t receive anything from the SCB for 3 months till the ministry of High Education issued extension for him. Is this person an undergraduate student? Maybe undergraduate students can mess around as they wish. It’s quite sad indeed , and if he has a brain, then I’d consider him a lucky person :)..

  4. Hi Khalid,
    I haven’t heard from you for a long time! hope the school is going good with you so far.
    as for the guy, he was studying before the big change in SACM admistration. the previous president of SACM was very much careless and unorganized. the adivsors of SACM weren’t doing there jobs as they should.
    the guy was talking as many classes as he could to avoid coming back to saudi arabia. He wanted stay here in USA. I think he got the citizenship

  5. Yup, so far so good. Stay tuned; I might receive good news soon — let’s pray. So you are graduating, congrats in advance? Is this your last quarter then? Is the administration better now in the US? are they more responsive and organized? I’ve heard from some students in Aus, that there they have a well-organized staff.

  6. Hey, if you can go for a 2nd degree while you are at it, don’t give it a 2nd thought. I know people who managed in 4 years (including summer) to graduate with two majors. Why don’t you consider this — provided, of course, you have an interest in a 2nd major.

  7. Good news! well, hope to hear it soon from you:) as for the new administration, they are organized but not well enough.
    as for graduation, i was planning to graduate this summer but then i changed my mind. I decided to shoot for the second major, it would take me another four terms !

  8. Weren’t we together when this incident happened at the admission office? You should get approval from the person who “created” that conversation before publishing it online… don’t you think?


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