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a woman! or an angel!

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I woke up this morning with a sad news, My cousin has died in a car accident in his way to work. I was holding a book on my hand and a couple of tears on my eyes. I decided to  take a long walk on the Portland river side. Walking has been part of my life ritual. As I walked forward to the river side, My memories took me backward to the forgettable past. Back to our childhood, when we sat together awake all night with our silly stories about the big giant monster. We both knew that we were lying to each other but we keep telling it over and over and laugh at our selves. We grew up and each of us chose a different path in life. I haven’t seen him for a long time, maybe for 5 years. My mom recently told me that he is planning to get married and I told her that he needs a woman that would carry him with her in a life journey to the sky, a woman that would build up his dreams from the tears of her eyes, a woman that would take all his sad memories away by the smile of her face. My mom smiled as she listen to her boy talking. Then she asked: ” what about you sweetheart! don’t you need a woman that would take you to the sky?”. ” I don’t know my lovely mom, I don’t know!” 

My cousin was waiting for a woman to carry him to the sky but fate has chosen otherwise. Fate chose the angles to carry him to the sky with no coming back. and I don’t know who will carry me to the sky, a woman! or an angel!? Only fate knows the answer for such a question!

the picture is taken by Kbthenman34 
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Holiness of Privacy


Privacy is something I fight for in my life. It is something holy, important and essential. It is my basic right as human being. It isn’t something that is given to me. It is something I own. The problem is that people don’t understand that. They want to read your email message, get into your room without knocking the door, use your laptop without asking for a permission and possibly possibly wear your underwear if you don’t mind so. I reach the stage of self instability every time someone cross that line. Believe me, if you give up a little bit of your privacy, you will end up losing the whole thing. If you don’t draw a line and ask everybody to not cross it, people will land on your  self-space causing chaos and noise because they think that you gave up that space from the beginning and your self-space is no longer yours.