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Holiness of Privacy


Privacy is something I fight for in my life. It is something holy, important and essential. It is my basic right as human being. It isn’t something that is given to me. It is something I own. The problem is that people don’t understand that. They want to read your email message, get into your room without knocking the door, use your laptop without asking for a permission and possibly possibly wear your underwear if you don’t mind so. I reach the stage of self instability every time someone cross that line. Believe me, if you give up a little bit of your privacy, you will end up losing the whole thing. If you don’t draw a line and ask everybody to not cross it, people will land on your  self-space causing chaos and noise because they think that you gave up that space from the beginning and your self-space is no longer yours.

6 thoughts on “Holiness of Privacy”

  1. I’m obsessively possessive about my personal space and privacy. It comes on different ranges, but the reaction is usually the same when the lines are crossed: me running after the intruders with a hail of wolfish growls and bared teeth.

    I think this is also why I moved to rural Java, why I live with somebody who doesn’t know how to play with sophisticated tech-gadgets (iPod is too complicated for him).

    Now, that’s a disturbing thought, even for me. 😀

  2. Hning,
    Saudi Culture promote curiosity to extent where everyone want to hear and know what the others is doing. It came from old social conflict (collectivism) and other phycological issues. Religion is part of it of course. For example, people would justify the invasion and interruption of others’ privacy by the belief that it is part of their responsibility to ensure that nobody is doing a sin.

    “me running after the intruders with a hail of wolfish growls and bared teeth.”
    I think i should try this strategy from now on 🙂 lol

  3. Interesting post! I feel the same way (as do many of us bloggers) up til this sentence: “Believe me, if you give up a little bit of your privacy, you will end up losing the whole thing.”

    I think you will always own the essential kernel of your own privacy. The next time someone threatens to “land on your self-space causing chaos and noise…” just remember that you are ultimately in charge.

  4. Hi Marahm, Great points
    one thing interesting i found from blogosphere is that bloggers from different cities and counties share a common ground on many issue! I am wondering if the blogger reach that stage of understanding by his/her continues reading of other blogs!
    I will have to research that sometimes in future !

  5. Privacy? lots of us need that, especially in cultures where people want to know everything about everyone else.


    According to something I’ve read, people in the past may not have had much privacy, but the incidence of depression, suicide, and other modern-sounding mental illnesses was quite low…

    Anyway, it’s really up to the person to decide on how far he will go when it comes to preventing others from encroaching into his private space…

  6. coralbead,
    in the past, people were not that concern of privacy because of the absent of technology and globalization. Nowadays, ones look for a small cave away from people intervention to live peacefully

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