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Edward Said lecture


I am devoting more time this term for studying and reading Edward Said’s books. I found this person  to be the most intellectual professor in the earth. He has an amazing understanding of cultures, religions, politics and even music. I am feeling so attached to him. Last night, I slept while listening to his voice talking about his book Orientalism. His pictures are in everywhere of my room. Please do me a favor and take part of your time to watch his lecture in the video below. It absolutely worth watching


7 thoughts on “Edward Said lecture”

  1. Dear Muratdha,
    Nice video, he hints to the true problem that kept us all stranded in place when it comes to change, we don’t have a flag to follow and to inspire us, we see all our efforts to improve are wasted in vain since the last word would go to corrupt leadership and sometimes to the silencing voice of religion…How can one hope to reach human rights, woman rights, equal opportunitiy society, or any other modern and fair goernment under such leaderships? like Edward Saeed, the best we can do is to find a safe haven for our troubled minds elsewhere in the world, where we dare to live like humans, we are so corrupt from above that our roots are poisoned…

  2. Dear Hala,
    You are absolutely right, it is difficult to hope under the current situation! but, change can come from the way around, from the very bottom to the top! Edward Said mention very interesting point about Arab society. It is that everyone fail to understand one another and so no the society can’t move forward! I think that is true with our society as well. There are many problems that were created by us. and of course, they can be solved by us because we the one who created in the first place!

    Thank you Hala for your thoughtful comment. always good to have a discussion with you

  3. Murthada–an excellent post and video, thank you. I am also an immense Edward Said fan, and used his theory in my doctorate and other studies. He was courageous both as an academic and as an activist, whether as a journalist, a lecture or as a participant with David Barenboim in creating the youth orchestra that brought Palestinians and Israelis together through music. His autobiography is a worthwile read as well.
    I think his writings and example can be used for societal transformation within the Arab world, and for Arabs living in communities in Europe and North America.
    I’ve never heard him give a lecture so this was a treat.
    Thanks again.

  4. Chiara,
    Thank you for watching the lecture.. Edward Said has really changed many of my views on many things.
    You should watch his last interview. It is such an amazing interview. He talks about his personal life, his struggles, and his work.

  5. Murthada–Thanks for the further recommendation–all 3 hrs of it are on youtube. 🙂 I’ll watch it anon.

    I learned to read Al-Ahram because Said wrote there, and Haaretz because of their obituary on him. Both are examples of excellent, high end jouralism.

  6. Dear Murtadha,

    I’ve found this website through googling.
    Actually, I wanted to know about “Ramalla Concert”, so I searched the keyword “Daniel Barenboim”, and as a result, I’m here! And it’s the lecture video that i’m watching!
    He’s him! Edward Said!

    It’s a little bit difficult for me to understand the lecture for my poor English, so I’d better listen to very carefully line by line.

    Anyway, Thank you for the video, it’s my lucky day.

  7. Hi Murtadha,
    The link to the videois broken. Can you please share the title of the lecture or an external link to it.

    many thanks

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