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Child Sexual Abuse in KSA

One of my friend has noticed a sudden change in his little brother behavior for the past 2 months. He refuses to sleep alone in his bedroom. He cries with no reason and he feels insecure all the time. His father and mother weren’t able to understand his situation and the boy refuses to speak about the problem. My friend insist that his brother is fearing of telling something so he went to boy’s friends in elementary school.  Eventually, after along interrogation, one boy told him that he always sees his brother alone with sport teacher in his office.  My brother and his parents were shocked to know later that their child has been sexually abused by his sport teacher for 2 months.

But why the boy has never told his parent from the first time that his teacher was abusing him? How does this incident will have a negative impact on the child even after 10 years?  What should have been done by parent to prevent that from happening in the first place? These questions along with others are the ones that I want to address in my blog this week.

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Name: Murtadha