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Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

The most reasonable solution for any problem is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Many parents wait until something bad happen for their children in order to wake up and take action. I think that explain part of human nature. We don’t realize how dangerous the fire is until we get our hands burned. In this post, I will talk about very basic and important advises on how to protect you child from being sexually abused:
  • Teach your child  the Private Parts of his/her body:


Children from the beginning should learn about the private parts of their body and that nobody (including their relatives) should touch these private parts inappropriately. The picture above illustrates the private parts of the both boy and girl by comparing them to the bathing suites. You can teach your child that what your bath suites cover of your body is called the private part and nobody should touch it.

  • Keep an aye on your child:

Always pay attention to your child behavior. It is the only thing that the child can’t hide. For example, the fear of sleeping alone, crying with no reason or refusing to go to school. They are all sign of something wrong going on.

  • Never Trust anybody blindly:

A study in US has shown that 85 to 95% of sexual abused cases is known to and trusted by the victim. As I said, your child can be abused by anyone of your relatives, or by anyone of his teacher. So, you should be always cautious.

  • Talk, Talk, Talk

Many of our problems comes from not having a strong communication channel between the child and his parents. Always try to establish a communication channel with your child from the very beginning. Talk to your child as an adult, tell him your personal stories and listen to him carefully.

  • Visit your child’s school weekly

You should know the name of every teacher that teaches your child and the names of the friends he/she talked with in the classroom. School has never become a safe place for children ( I will talk why on my next post)

8 thoughts on “Child Sexual Abuse Prevention”

  1. I know how you feel about school not being a safe place for children. I was once a high school teacher, and one of my students had been shot to death just outside the school gate (at a time when he should have been in class). A kidnapping almost occurred one time too. And to think the school was considered the most safest in the city because of its guards, high walls, and strict regulations.

  2. Do not forget that abuse happens both ways, boys are sexually abused by female teachers and care takers also.

    If you go back to history you would be surprised at what you would find.

    This happens in ALL cultures from ancient Japanese warriors, Spartans, Greeks, Arabs, Africans, Europiens, and the native people of the Americas and Australia.

    The list does not stop. It is an abusive characteristic in humans…

  3. coralbead,
    Exactly as you said, there are many stories that showed how the school has become unsafe place.. Thank you Coralbead for sharing your thoughts

    Totally agree Qusay,
    but the problem we have here in Saudi is that the problem hasn’t been discussed in the public and in media. so, there are many people who think that it doesn’t exist in our society.
    the problem can happen both ways, but the studies has shown that girls are more likely to be abused by male teacher than boys to be abused by a female teacher.
    Thank you for your thoughtful comment

  4. Its all good planning, but there is a major roadblock in the first point itself. Its “communication” that matters the most and unfortunately, it is something that is still hidden behind the veil (where veil, in this context, is worn by both men and women :-P).

  5. HishMaj,
    I feel that men need to wear the veil more than women lol!
    I agree, communication is the key element in every part of our life

  6. I Totally Agree With What You Said…
    My Mother Last Year Did This Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Campaign Here In Riyadh, And Many People Were Against Her.

    We Usually Tend To Look The Other Way, And Convince Ourselves That We’re Angelic Beings Who Never Do Anything Wrong, But Every Year The Numbers Are Rising Gradually.

    And The Scary Thing Is, How Can We Prevent It!!.
    Is There a Way To Stop It COMPLETELY ?!

  7. Sexual abuse may also come from kids in the same school, not just molesting adults. Usually, bullies would pick on the weak kids and molest them.

    Parents must also be aware that at certain stages of childhood, children are curious about their bodies and the opposite gender, and might be tempted to explore other children’s bodies, including other children from the same gender, or siblings.
    I found the content of this entry very useful for parents

  8. M, thank you bringing up this important topic. I work with adults who were abused as children, the stories are horrific.

    Thank God for His healing power for wounded hearts.

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