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My dream!

One of my dream is to build a social organization that is advocate to provide counseling and special education for children in Saudi Arabia. I honestly believe that many of our children have been involved in many social and religious conflicts that we and past generation have created. I am also surprised to see that many people who seek change in Saudi society are ignoring children power in transforming the direction of the whole society.
my project is outline in three steps:
  1. Research and study children mentality and write about it in my blog
  2. design an online environment for children  (websites, blog, etc)
  3. implement the project on the ground ( provide workshops, open children center, etc)

Will see how far I can go in achieving that dream!

6 thoughts on “My dream!”

  1. Thank you HishMaj 🙂
    my target is children from age 7 to 12. I think children in that age are greatly influenced by what they learn and what they see

  2. susanne430,
    Thank you so much… I am trying to spend sometimes to make the idea more different and creative,,
    hopefully, i will start working on it this summer

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