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what size ,,please!!

Saudi-Lingerie Boycott

One of my American friend has asked me whether or not male employees still work instead of women in Women shops and clothes’ stores in Saudi. I told him that it should be obvious that anyone in my conservative society wouldn’t allow his wife or his sister to go to the male cashier holding underwear or bra or to ask him about the better size for the panties that she want to buy. But wait, I said to myself, doesn’t my country always have this type of contradiction. I mean there are always things that don’t make any sense to us and yet we accepted as our holy values. So,before I confirm my answer to my american friend, I went and asked a couple of my friends from Saudi. They all told me the answer that I don’t want to hear. It is that women aren’t allowed to work even in the women shops and clothes stores, only men do. One my friend told me that his wife feel miserably embarrassed whenever she goes shopping for her clothes. The scene  of a man employee coming to a woman and asking her if she needs any help finding a better size for her panties is so humiliating for women in a way that many men aren’t conscious about.

9 thoughts on “what size ,,please!!”

  1. You seem like such a sweet, thoughtful guy. Why can’t your society have people like you running it?

    You are exactly right in what you said. I don’t understand the thinking of some men and why they treat women like this. I am also thinking of something I read from Afghanistan today so I have been “stupid men” bashing earlier. And I don’t mean ALL men…just the stupid ones. Like the ones who say it’s OK to starve their wives if they refuse sex.

    Yeah, those guys. :-S Sorry but who wants to have sex with a monster? Starving would be a pleasure in comparison.

    Anyway, it’s great to know there are decent men like you in this world. Best wishes.

  2. I know what you’re thinking. I’m glad I live in a place where I can shop for undies comfortable because only women salespersons can entertain customers at the ladies’ underwear counter.

    I missed your comments at my blog.

  3. susanne430,
    I heard of the Afghan story about forcing their wives ,, it is really shocking and I made me sad that we still have this mentality in 21st century..
    I am trying to speak out about women right because i think our silence in the past have caused the problem to get bigger!
    Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragements.. It is always good to have you here Susanne

  4. my friend, Carol
    I have not heard from you for a while,, It is great to read your comment again.
    I am a daily visitor to your blog,, but i am always lazy to leave a comment :(,, the last story, that you wrote about, is so tragic,, sometimes, i ask myself,, why would the fate has always the authority to choose the ending path for people!
    anyway, from now on, i will become more active in commenting in your great blog.. thank you so much for stopping by

  5. i’m pretty traumatized by this country at the moment,, if you havent seen my latest tweets and replies to tweets yet.

  6. This is one of the many things about KSA that made me scratching my head and wondering if we share the same planet…..I mean men and women can’t mingle BUT since women can’t drive/work in shop they have to interact with men for buying lingerie or share a enclose place (car) for long period of time…I mean if they really want strict segregation (a stupid idea IMHO) they could open women only shops for lingerie and so women could work there…of course the best idea for KSA is to move forward from their middle age mentality and enter in the moder world….

    Btw I wish people like you would run KSA and muslim countries as well .

  7. Dear Murtadha,

    Before “throwing a stone ” at Afghan men”, think about what they can “throw” at you. I know little about “your men”, but enough about the Afghan to say “from 2 evils take lesser one”. .. if you know what I mean

  8. Dear Pari,
    we are not playing game her of throwing stone in one another. We are talking about problems that exist in any countries,, It doesn’t matter if we are talking about Saudi or Afghan. What matter is that we solve the problem. Because at the end, we all be held the responsibility for our silence!

  9. Its funny but I did get the impression that you like “throwing stones” , and it doesn’t seem it matters to you at who you are throwing , and why… whether they are men or women, Afghan or not…

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