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A lesson that should be learned

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I was watching CNN last night. It gained my attention a story about a church in Florida posting a sign of “Islam is of the devil” in front of the church building. What interesting is that people from different ages, races and religions protested against the church because of the discriminatory and racist sign. Those people stood up because they believe that it is a civil right issue. They stood up because they are against discrimination of any kinds to anyone in any place.

This is a lesson to be learned for us Saudi. When we see someone discriminating another person because he belongs to one sect or another, we should stand up against that no matter whether we agree with that sect or not. When we go to Jumu’ah prayer and heard the Imam insulting jews or christian people, we should stand up and make it clear to the imam that we are against what he is saying. When we go to work and sees that our managers or friends are discriminating  against women because of the gender issue, we should stand up and make it clear that any insult to any woman is an insult to us.

I can’t be a man unless I fully respect and recognize women rights. I can’t be a muslim unless I respect all other religions and faiths. I can’t be a human being, a real human being, unless I stand up against discriminations of any kind to anyone in any place.

5 thoughts on “A lesson that should be learned”

  1. Salaam!

    One of the simplest things that should be a trademark among Muslims is tolerance of others. Even in my “Muslim” place, the people insult others who don’t follow the faith, and yet show themselves as total hypocrites by adopting the ways of the people they have insulted!

    I’ve had my share of discrimination since my mother side is Catholic. Ironically it came from my “Muslim” father’s side.

    It’s a common thing to hear of jew/christian bashing even in religious schools here, so I’m thankful my father didn’t sent me to them. You’ll never know what garbage they pour into those young minds!

  2. coralbead,
    It is interesting if we look at all main three religion (Judaism, christianity, islam) we see that most of the followers of the these religions have failed to illustrate tolerance of others..
    I believe this is one of the reason people started to run from religion and religious ones

  3. oh Sand Gets In My Eyes is here:)
    I have been reading your amazing blog for so long. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement.
    glad to see you here

  4. I think that this is my favourite post so far.

    What you can’t be is ultimately tied up in the rights we cannot be without.

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