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The Beauty of Pain

Pain, as so many of us call it, is in fact a source of power, a source of transformation and moving from one thing to another. It is the gate for our happiness. I don’t understand why people freak out whenever they have any feeling of sadness or frustration.

Be sad, get frustrated, cry as much as you can, and count every tear on your eyes

because these are, for sure the ones  that would change the direction of your journey.

10 thoughts on “The Beauty of Pain”

  1. Murtadha
    Thank you, I really need some motivation these days. after some bad news, I don’t know how can I express my sadness, .. no tears, just silence .. but I still have the faith that all the pains are blessings ..
    thanks again..

  2. Shada ،Days will pass, and you will remember your past frustration and all the struggles you have been through with a big smile on your face!
    then, at that moment, you will realize how the pain has moved to something more beautiful than anymore can imagine

  3. Hmm, Murtadha, If I didn’t know you, I would have thought you were a “masochist”, lol ( I am just kidding). But, seriously, I couldn’t less agree with you . Suffering, although in some cases may lead us to atonement, but ultimately unless we seek therapy it might lead us to chronic depression and thus, any other mental illness or suicide. I am not talking about physical pain, only , as you said, sad feelings or severe mood disorder (which by the way is a sign of depression).

  4. Anhedonia or alexithymia are two conditions where there is little if any feeling and both are very uncomfortable.

    I agree the ability to feel sorrow, sadness, grief, anger or any of the “negative emotions” is a part of the human experience that can lead to insight and greater wellbeing. However it is also true that inappropriate negative moods, or ones lasting too long, or becoming incapacitating require therapy including sometimes medication, and later when one is more well one can understand the experience better.

    For more normal negative emotions writing about them, and sharing them with trusted loved ones are good ways to reveal and understand them. Exercise and socializing, and “faking it till you make it” are other good ways of handling them.

    An inspiring post. Thanks.

  5. I agree Chiara,
    In Buddhism, they say that you can confront the pain by simply changing the way you think of it. this type of mediation is really great. Because i think we should have control over pains and pains should never have control over us.

  6. I just tumbled on your blog today… and i must say i am very impressed and eager to dabble through your writings and savor your thoughts..

    Pain… pleasure and aggression fall on some intertwined continuum. On different levels, they engage each other. With the aggression of pain we filter our pleasure.
    A key component, i think, is finding meaning in that pain or struggle. In certain psychological theories, this factor of finding meaning provides resilience and a space for healing. Meaning can be in many forms, sometimes through faith.

    You want to acknowledge the presence of the pain… the tearing of the eyes and aching of the heart.. and be able to stand firmly on some level.. accept and move on.

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