The Story of a Picture

The Untold Story


The light’s reflection on the two chairs means something. The shadow of the walls and the darkness in the back illustrate something interesting too and what about the two chairs that aren’t facing each other! They have to mean something. If you combine all these things together, you will get to see a story that is untold before. So open your eyes for everything in life and listen carefully to the nature. The walls, the trees, the river and even the sky. They all have a language and they all have a story to tell but who listen!

I took this picture last night using my new canon camera. What meaning does this picture illustrate to you?

10 thoughts on “The Untold Story”

  1. Great shoot Murtadha,

    but I prefer not to describe the meanings and contents of photos in this way, because it shortens the limits of reader’s ability to dive into photo’s meaning.

    I hope it’s clear what I want to say.

    Go ahead.

  2. Hmmm,

    From what I see there, I interpret it this way:

    The two benches, although they are next to each other, don’t face each other. Then there is this darkness.

    My point: There are people, who, although they’re supposed to be close to each other, remain apart because they don’t see things the same way.

    Or, people can be that close (like brothers/sisters, husbands/wives, parents and children and yet they can be that distant from each other because of differences (which may be explained by the presence of darkness or lack of light in the picture.

    now what do you think?

  3. coralbead,
    I really like how you describe the meaning of the picture.
    as for me, I would Interpret the picture as the following :
    the light’s reflection on the chairs represent the opportunity of life, the hope, the dream we can possibly have. The first chair reflect the place for someone who has struggled so much in his life to find love, to find someone who can really understand him. So he sits there every night and contemplate the darkness (the past). In the other chair, there is someone who wants to find love too and so she sits every nights behind him for exactly the sam reason. She was hoping that the person who sits behind her would turn his face around and see the lights of her eyes. She was hoping that he would turn his face around so she can show him her dreams from the light of her eyes. But that person has never thought that there would be someone behind him. He was only contemplating the darkness and never looked at the lights.
    So lesson to be learned coralbead, always look around before you sit, always contemplate the lights before you look at the darkness!

  4. I’ve not commented before.
    It’s a gorgeous picture! Beautiful and haunting.

    To me it gives a feeling of loneliness, and expectation. There will be a long wait, but something wil happen. After sitting in the dark (and I think it’s cold too) a loved one will come and bring light and warmth.

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