Aug/Sept 09 panorama

  • “On this scale, most of us swing between the spectrums, fidgeting and waddling to find relative comfort between inevitable change and honored traditions. No matter where you find that comfort zone, and this is a proven true cliché, it’s the journey that makes it so memorable.” said Hnign in an interview with American Bedu
  • “It is easier for the people in the moon to fall down to the earth but very difficult to the people in the earth to fly up to the moon” said one of my friend
  • “Well one does not know all the answers of the actions one takes…we can just try to understand it.” Said Noor Murtadha in FaceBook chat.
  • “The word ‘forget’ in Mandarin is a combination of two characters: death and heart. Whoever invented this word, I think he or she must have been through an immense pain. Forgetting, the author was trying to say, involves the death of the heart. The heart dies out of hopelessness. I am trying to forget. I am trying to get out of the hole where I’ve been hiding to cry alone. But no one understands. I wish God would answer me back. But what is my pain, compared to so many others’? Said Sara in her email as part of telling her story!
  • “The message I want to give to both foreign men and women is that 95% of Saudis will not go against their family’s wishes. No matter if s/he loves you or not, Saudis are weak against what their families want. Tribal/familial ties always win over everything else. Some Saudis intentions are true, others are not. I was fortunate to have someone who was always honest with me. It is a shame that Saudis, particularly men, who know they are not strong enough to fight for their foreign girlfriend, put her through hurt, or even start a relationship in the first place. As for us foreigners, even when we may know the outcome, many times we think with our hearts before we do with our brains” a woman shared her story in a blog Future husband and wives of Saudi
  • “Life is beautiful, joyful and wonderful, I love it. And death is more beautiful, joyful, and wonderful. If done right!” Said Abduallah in twitter
  • ” Doesn’t seems that everyone love sex and yet everyone pretend otherwise! I think we need to talk about sex openly and honestly! we need to look at sex not as something disgusting and distasteful but as something very powerful and important in our life “ a speaker talking about Freudism and how people in many culture perceive sex wrongly.

5 thoughts on “Aug/Sept 09 panorama”

  1. I agree, Sara’s explanation of forgetting is poignant and accurate.

    Your friend’s gravitational observations are…intriguing.

    Thank you for referencing Sad Girl’s personal story on FHWS. I am struck by her ability to articulate so well her own pain and the broader concepts underpinning it, both in the post and the comments.

    I look forward to your compilations, thanks.

  2. Thanks for sharing a quote from my story. I’m flattered to know that you thought it important enough to share with your readers. Thanks again!

  3. Interesting stuff! I think Saudi men should know better than start a relationship with foreign women if they KNOW they will never be able to marry them because they are too weak to stand against their families. I find what the Sad Girl wrote so, well, sad. 😦

    How many moon people have fallen down here? Hmmm. 😉

    Abduallah’s quote is so true!

    Enjoyed these!!

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