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Saudi and Climate Change!

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Whenever I open a discussion about the climate change with my Saudi friends, their reactions are either one of the two. They are either careless and think that climate change is a joke  or think that climate change and global warning are  just signs of the end of our world and the beginning of God’s punishment for all the sins we committed.

My respond is the following:  If you are careless about this global problem and you don’t want to be part of the solution, that is fine but for god sake don’t be part of the problem. If you are someone who thinks that global warning is a sign of god punishment, please know that you would be punished first by god in that day of judgment for not saving this beautiful gift (The Earth) that has given and created it for you. So now let’s be realistic and more proactive about this problem.

  • Turn it off, please!

It is so simple, so easy. If you aren’t going to be in the room, just simply turn the light off. I don’t understand why people like to leave the lights on when they leave their rooms. Reducing the electricity power can save money and a lot of energy.

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Don’t throw anything that can be reused again in the trash. Be creative. I feel guilty whenever i throw one blank paper without reusing it twice.

  • Don’t use plastic bag

When you go to shopping, try to use paper bags or buy one these special design bag. Plastic bags are non-biodegradable and they have  harmful affects on the environment.

  • Walk instead of driving.

Here in portland, I don’t drive at all. I always enjoy walking even for the long distance places. The public transportation are amazing too. I know that there is no such a public transportation in Saudi and the sun’s heat make it impossible to walk around, but at least try to reduce your fuel consumption. For example, when you plan for a trip, you don’t need to have 7 cares for only five people! two cars can be more than enough.

  • Stop Smoking:

I can’t express how much anger I feel when someone smoke cigarette or hookah in front of me. I would turn my apartment up down if i knew that someone is smoking in my balcony. If it is up to me, I would get all the smokers in one place and then do them another Holocaust 🙂 but what can I say if even my father is addicted to smoking cigarettes 😦 .

Note: this post is part of my participation on Blog Action Day 09.  Thank you Hning for publicly reminding us to participate in this project.

11 thoughts on “Saudi and Climate Change!”

  1. Wow , you’re extremist man! because 25% of Saudis would end up with your Holocaust!

    I’m kidding, but smoking is really inconvenient for nonsmokers .

    Regarding global warming I think we should be aware that what we did , as human , is the main cause, so we are responsible about destroying the earth.

    Alla said in Quran :
    ظهر الفساد في البر والبحر فبما كسبت أيدي الناس ليذيقهم بعض الذي عملوا لعلهم يرجعون
    Corruption has appeared in the land and the sea for what mankind’s hands have earned, that He may make them taste some (part) of that which they have done, that possibly they would return. (41:ch. 30)

  2. I am sometimes so tired! Even if you bring your own shopping bag, which I do, it seems to be impossible to buy anything which isn’t wrapped in plastic! By the time I have unwrapped my items and food my bin is full of useless plastic!
    And I cannot do anything about it!

    Global warming is a global concern. Nobody is exempt! nobody will not feel the result of it!

    Smoking is stupid. It is not as in my parents day, when smoking was endorsed by doctors as being good for you! We all knew from childhood it is bad, it causes cancer.

    To smoke around others is abuse! You are physically hurting other people!
    I neverv smoked. But I have to admit something really bad: My husband smokes hookah, and I sometimes take a sip, because it is so cosy sitting together and share. I even make it up for him! 😳

  3. Eye opening post!

    I laughed about the smoking part. But nice idea about the holocaust thing, lol! I’ve many relatives who are smokers but my dad has similar attitudes to yours when it comes to smoking.

    Maybe you should gather them smokers in your veranda and kick them all out of your apartment from there! Just a joke…

    I live near one of the world’s most ancient lakes (5 million years old!) and I am dismayed at how the people here don’t care and I am also dismayed that I can’t do much about it! 😦

  4. It’s hard for smokers. they’re so addicted! It’s said that addiction to nicotine is like addiction to heroin.

  5. Cute post, but, wowie about the smokers! 🙂

    By the way, I saw something in passing the other day that I found interesting. Something about controlling global warming by making birth control more readily available to developing countries. Since many people feel HUMANS are the cause or problem relating to global warming then we need to reduce the number of humans, right? Sounds logical. But what would some areas of the world have to say about finding the solution by encouraging people to stop having so many babies?

  6. susanne, but the aid given to those who provide and coucil on birth control was revoked the first day Bush came into office! It’s called the Global Gag Rule.
    Luckily Obama recanted it when he came into office.
    Meanwhile the Bush administration has caused a lot of harm and a lot of women to die during unsafe abortions.

    I agree that the Earth is getting seriously overcrowded. It will be impossible to grow enough food for everybody very soon. But I do object a bit at governments putting all the blame on the people alone. A huge part of pollution and greenhouse gasses are being produced by industry and hospitals.
    In my home country they never mention those, they put the blame at the door of the common people. While not putting restraints on industry.

    Meanwhile I do what I can for myself.

  7. Neuroscience including brain imaging techniques have proven a physical addiction to smoking that explains the difficulty in quitting, beyond the social and psychological addictions to the smoking habit and whatever it is supposed to do (make you look cool, help with weight loss, calm your nerves, stop your fidgeting, etc). AKA Don’t Start!

    Susanne–I think they would say: “Who us? What about the industrialized nations? What about the US? What about China? Who us? We’re just trying to keep ahead of the death rate, and have children to support us in our old age. We’re just trying to respect our religious elders. We’re just trying to have enough farm labour. Who us?” LOL 🙂

  8. -Fahd Alhazmi,
    Lol I have no mercy for smokers 🙂

    -Save the Women!
    you are gonna have to do something about the hookah lol one idea if you want your husband to stop smoking hookah, put something that taste really bad on the hookah. That would probably help lol

    Thank you, I am really serious about the having another holocaust for smokers lol. Do you want to join me 🙂

    mmm, I think that wouldn’t help. The problem isn’t with the numbers of kids are growing in the world but rather how educated they are about the planet and the healthiness.

    I agree with you. It seems you have great background about Neuroscience. Teach more please 🙂

  9. Murthada–I accidentally poofed my own comment :(( . When I recover I’ll reconstruct it–for now I must grieve its loss! 😦 LOL 🙂

  10. Murthada—Neuroscientists have discovered that not only is smoking physically addictive, but the same addiction mechanisms of the brain that create other addictions are operating here too: dopamine pathways in the mesolimbic system and the amygdala. In addition, they have discovered a specific brain centre responsible for nicotine addicition, the insula. Because of this one proposed solution in extreme cases is neurosurgery to block the insula.

    Other treatments include cognitive-behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy, and medication, whether nicotine (patch, gum) to reduce cravings and withdrawal or the newer antipsychotics like olanzapine which act on dopamine, and the atypical antidepressant bupropion, which acts on dopamine and norepinephrine to reduce depression and also blocks nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

    Bottom line it is easier to never start than to quit; and, with effort, and treatment (formal or informal) smokers can quit and not resume their addiction. The good news is that the lungs return to normal, and any cancers and atherosclerosis are at least not aggravated.

    My paternal grandfather smoked from age ? (probably very young) to age 72 and then quit cold turkey, and lived to be 102 when he died of a stroke. My father smoked from a young age as well (probably 12ish, though not much then), and quit cold turkey age 26. He is free of smoking related diseases. My maternal uncle had a terrible time quitting, and combined with his (my 😦 ) family history of cardiac disease, suffered a single massive, fatal heart attack, aged 42. He left a wife and sons 5 and 7—so sad! If he hadn’t smoked he probably would have had a fighting chance.

    A friend of mine who treats schizophrenics (who often have smoking as a sole pleasure) researched the use of antipsychotics to help their nicotine addiction (and psychosis) when new anti-smoking regulations affected psychiatric wards.

    I myself treated an anorexic who was on a large dose of bupropion for depression before I started seeing her, and continued smoking 3 packs a day to keep her weight down. Amazing!

    Let me know if you want any more information or links.

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