October 09 Panorama

  • “Becoming a Muslim has not stopped me from questioning. I still ask God what life is all about. No, I’m not defying God. But I have a mind and it can’t help itself but question. If God had created us for the purpose of worshipping him, what does all this hardship mean? Where does all the effort of our sincerity in everything we say and do go?” Said S.L in the email
  • “Our new mission is to shut up and represent your self in very different way, my idea is to represent our civilization not through boring lecture and movies, but rather through volunteer work in various portland communities. People are no longer interested in listening about how nice and modern saudi is, they are more interested on what impact saudi can contribute here and there” Me, giving an overview about creating a saudi group dedicated  for volunteer work in Portland.
  • “There are people who have suffered, but at least their lives appear in books. Their hardship has not gone unappreciated by the world. Sad are those millions who had passed us by and gone through even worse trials in life without having their lives and achievements recorded down. Sad are those who are suffering and have no one to turn to. Are their lives less precious than those lucky ones?” Said one of my friend
  • “I need to get married soon, otherwise, I will commit adultery fornication” one saudi guy studying in US talking about how he persuaded his parent to support him financial to get married
  • ” I love you, I love you”  an american drunk girl screaming inside the elevator!
  • “Do you know when someone should start saving money for his/her kids’ college and future! most of you don’t! You must start saving for your kids before they are actually born” My finance professor talking about investment and the future value!
  • “I think you are wasting your time on writing in your blog. Murtadha, you need to be practical and stop living in your imaginary world. You are a finance student , not an art or literature student” said one of my friend after reading my blog
  • “Folks, Believe me, you have time now more than you will ever have in the future!” said my professor after we complained that school is keeping us very busy to the extend that we don’t have time to follow up the international news and market.
  • “I think we should stop lying and be ourselves. Do we have social problem in our country? Yes, we have. so why do we fear of saying yes! every country in the world has social, political, and religious problems. You can’t hide anything anymore in this world, people would think that we are stupid if we try to present our country as ideal, rich, perfect country! ” my discussion with my fellow students in Saudi Student Club at PSU
  • “I don’t know why people kill themselves and yet it is a small step to empathize, to say, because we all experience a moment of despair that it would be much easier not to do this anymore but for most of us the sun comes out and then, well, tomorrow is another day” quote from the movie “The Bridge” the movie talks about a one year observation of the those who jumped off the Golden Bridge and committed suicide. Very shocking movie!

Note: Dear readers, I apologize for not being able to reply to your comment quickly due to a heavy load assignments and exams from the school.

12 thoughts on “October 09 Panorama”

  1. I do not agree with your friend about that art and literature are not practical. I am sorry but I find that inaccurate of him/her to think so. Our world avovles around literature. Why do you think that we have come to where we have come? It is thourgh questioning our abilities and not seeing that there is truth in everything. We humanbeings have to question and have to evovle through our thinking, or our world will be just rationalizing everything. The world is not built upon one perspective. It has six billion or even more perspectives to see it through. When you read a book or study a philospher you put on their glasses and see the world through them. There is no absolute truth. If there is than I like to know it.

  2. I am an art and literature teacher, and it’s so sad that so many people find these things so impractical. They take this mentality so far that they end up being robots in the process. Robots who lack empathy, compassion and love that is supposed to be the trademark of humanity :(. They think that human suffering can be solved by money and material things. There are problems that cannot be solved by the mind alone; somewhere out there, there is the need for the heart to come into the picture. Sometimes a sympathetic smile can bring so much peace in the world in a way that dollars never can.

    And then so what if you’re into finance? I have friends who are Math and Science graduates who read literature and tinker with philosophy too. People who concentrate their minds into just a few facets of knowledge often end up dull to be with, worse yet, ignorant of what’s happening beyond their sphere of knowledge. Tell that to your friend!

    You’re not being imaginary Murtadha, from what I read so far in your blog, you’re still down to earth!

  3. I fourth everyone’s comments about you negative and culturally-retarded. Was he Saudi, by the way? Sorry for being so cynical, dude. (◑‿◐)

  4. Wow, great quotes. Hmmm. I love reading your blog, and I think if you become a numbers-only guy, you will be boring. 🙂 Your words to your group are right on about representing Saudi by what you contribute – very wise!

    LOL @ your friend’s way of getting his parents to support his marriage financially! Cute!

    Does your friend think every hurting person deserves a book or an article written about his life? Please! Who hasn’t suffered *something* in this world. Not everyone’s story can be told, unfortunately. But we can reach out and make a difference to someone. If enough of us do this, we can make a huge difference.

    Enjoyed these quotes!

  5. I really enjoy your monthly Panorama.

    This month I agree with both the quotes from yourself, and from your 2 professors.

    Your friend has too narrow a definition of a “finance student” and too limited a knowledge of the value of literature and art, indeed all the arts to all, whether students, amateurs, or future professionals. Your other friend is right about those who need someone to reach out to, and inadvertently supplied part of the value of art and literature. Admirers of art and readers of literature often find that someone, or many someones are dealing with the very themes they are struggling with and which often are universal. This cuts down their sense of isolation, brings them into the human fold and can inspire them with positive coping strategies, and motivation to reach out to someone in the real world.

    Let us not forget the real life professions of Lewis Carroll (Mathematician), and Hugh MacLennan (a great Canadian novelist and Finance Professor) among others, including Alain Robbe-Grillet, Engineer, who helped revolutionize the French and then European novel, with his “nouveau roman”.

  6. I agree with everybody here that a small part of your time spend on this blog, and on literature, imagination and contact with people from all over the globe is a good thing.
    If you would only be doing financial studies you would be a poor man!

    Your friend cannot commit adultery if he’s not married yet.

    I wish you success in your exams and very good notes.
    (despite spending some time on your much appreciated blog from time to time)

  7. -Noor, coralbead, enchi
    I agree, some people view the world in only way, I like to view the world though art, history, literature, and every possible way!

    lol, yes he is saudi! 🙂

    She does, there are many people who has never told their story or even talked about their pains! unfortunately because they either haven’t found someone who would listen to them, or they have chosen to keep their pains to themselves.

    yeah, I agree with my professor especially in his point about preparing and saving for the kids’s future. I think it is the important key in having great family. Many of us don’t think a head, we just like to live the moment and forget about the future!

    -Save the Women!.
    Thank you for the wishes, it is my last year in school and I am feeling overloaded because of the my classes. I need to be more organized! Thank you again!

  8. God… the ultimate delusion. Most of people in developing countries cannot live without a God. They cannot get to the point were they trust themselves enough to cut the bonds with this magical creature created by humans in caves with afraid of the dark.

    Maybe because there is a darkness that cannot be cast away with common halogen lightning…

    good blog, I will keep reading it.

  9. “I need to get married soon, otherwise, I will commit adultery” one saudi guy studying in US talking about how he persuaded his parent to support him financial to get married”

    An unmarried man cannot commit adultery, it is fornication.

  10. Pedro Maia,
    well it is reasonable for me to know that most people in the developing come to close relationship with god. always, in the difficult time and hardship, that we see the proof of our creature!
    Thank you for your comment here

    the conversation was in Arabic so I translated in english wrongly, my fault. Thank you so much for the correction. I thought adultery is the same thing as fornication. I made the correction in the post. Thank you again

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