A True Story

A little kid setting on the back of the car and yelling: Daddy, Daddy, I saw a camel from my window!  His sister, who was sitting next to him, was dreaming about something wonderful in her future while contemplating the outside view of the desert. Her dreams were so big and so wonderful.

Mamma, she asked her mom, I wanna be a writer! her mom respond: what do you want to write about! The girl thought for a while and said: I wanna write about love! how simple and innocent that word when it comes from the child’s mouth. Her father is driving the car while talking with his pregnant wife about choosing the name for their coming baby. The mother decided to do the vote. The girl chose the name Yousif  while the boy chose the name Majid because of Kabtin Majid cartoon that he watched crazily.

In the opposite direction of the road, hotheaded teenager driving his car with crazy speeds. His friends are shouting, if you are a man, speed up! after 15 minutes of hesitation, he did. The car eventually got out of his control.

The car now is moving by itself toward the opposite direction of the road with very high speeds while the dad in the other vehicle is thinking again about choosing a beautiful name for his coming baby while the girl is dreaming about something new every minute.

Suddenly, the dad realized that he will not see his coming baby anymore, and the girl realized that her big dreams will vanish so shortly. The mom put her hand on her stomach in the final moments as a hopeless attempt to protect her child. The only one who have no idea about what will happen was the boy. He was looking only on the view from his window , trying to find another camel.

The two cars crashed into each other. The dad, the the girl and the boy died before they got to hospital. The mother died in the hospital but after she made it for her new baby. The baby will not remember the voice of his father, nor the last touch of his mother, nor the dreams of his sister, nor the smile of his brother. But he surly will remember that one imprudent and foolish guy took all that away from him!

The story happened about five years ago in Dahran highway, in Saudi Arabia.

9 thoughts on “A True Story”

  1. oh god, it’s so sad. how many lunatics people are there on the road, mad , sad , angry or just plain stupid who wants to prove something or chasing to something that isn’t important at all compared to a lives been taken and a child born all alone . Allah yer7amhom and may the baby grow to forgive those who took the live of his family.

  2. This should be made into a social awareness ad. Maybe some teen will think twice–maybe not what with the new brain studies on poor impulse control in teen boys. Still worth sharing this tragedy.

    How did you learn about it, Murthada? I sincerely hope not from family or friends. 😦

  3. @muse,
    It is sad that the lives of many great people are lost because of few careless people!

    I heard similar story to this here in US with a guy driving while he was drunk! so sad!

    I learned this from a friend of mine, Actually he lost his young brother in this accident!

    thank you for reading the post

  4. There is no why to this story. And they happen all around the world… I am sorry to hear it again, that it happened to one more family. And Thank You for courage of sharing it in public, even though it belongs to your private world Murtadha.

  5. It’s sad how some people out there become monsters at the back of the steering wheel, and in the process,become the reason why others lose their lives!

    This problem isn’t found only in Saudi, it’s found everywhere…

  6. @Coralbead &Christine,
    indeed, it is sad that the lives of valuable people are lost that easily. The story repeat itself every hour somewhere else and that what make me sad!

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