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Is Jeddah Really Different?

“Jeddah is different” is commonly used phrase among Saudi, referring to how different Jeddah is from the rest of the cities. The mater of fact is that Jeddah is unique and different when it comes to its people, culture and its general atmosphere. People from Jeddah are very tolerance and open-minded. Most Sunni & Shia are living together in harmony in Jeddah, unlike other cities of Saudi Arabia where the Sunni-Shia thing is very heated topic. Jeddah’s people are funny, they have this unique sense of humor that attract you to them from the first time.   There is a great mixture and diversity of races and thoughts in Jeddah which enrich the social structure of the city.  In addition to all that, The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice have the least power in Jeddah in comparison to Riyadh and other main cities.  That has given Jeddah more freedom in most of its aspects of life (like mixing between men and women rather than gender separation)

However, there are many things that Jeddah is indifferent than the rest of cities in Saudi. The poor city infrastructure system, the bad hierarchy system in government agencies, the poverty and the high unemployment rate are almost in every side of this country. For example, The government spends millions and millions of riyals into the infrastructure of Jeddah and just this month, the city turned upside down because a heavy downpour. It is shocking to see how the infrastructure of such main and important city of the rich kingdom is poorly built and managed. People are wondering where the millions of riyals that we hear about it year after year in the newspaper and TV goes? The visionary king request an urgent investigation for what has happened in Jeddah and Saudi people want every official has a hand in this disaster, to be held accountable. Let’s hope that this event will send a message to all officials in this country that they will always be held responsible and accountable for any mistake or manipulation they make.

My heart goes with the families who have lost their loved one in this disaster.

3 thoughts on “Is Jeddah Really Different?”

  1. Thank you for a unique take on this topic. It is sad that this is the part that is “same old, same old” for Jeddah. The events and the stories about them are tragic, moreso as it seems the damage would have been mitigated by proper infrastructure, both as a preventive, and as part of the rescue, and aftermath services.

  2. Chaira, I think the problem rely on us, we saudi fear to speak up! so until some crisis occur, then we have no choice but to complain like fury. I am glad that this time Jeddah people have the courage to stand up all together and say : enough is enough! we want change !

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