You know how shameful it is to be a Saudi when the employee in SACM* treat you like dog, like someone who has no dignity and then you have nothing left in yourself but a frustration and a question that you would ask your mom: “Mom, why did you give me a birth in this country, why!”

*SACM = Saudi Cultural Mission in USA

16 thoughts on “Why!”

  1. Ditto. Except that it reminds me of how badly my husband was treated at the border, by security and customs, and how pained silent hurt he was: the Moroccan border that is! He expected it from the French and Spanish, not from his fellow countrymen. Except they were jealous of a young man with greater opportunities and a brighter future than their own

    Years later I was told a saying about how hard it is to be treated badly than your own, and it always hurts worse.

    I hope you will find the words to share this negative experience.

    (NB great book about psychotherapy, among other things; The Words to Say It, an autobiographical novel by Marie Cardinal)

  2. Aw, Sweetie, I’m so sorry you were hurt. You know we all love you. I’m happy to be part of the Murtadha Fan Club! I hate when people make others feel this way. 😦

  3. you ok??

    May Allah, grant you the serenity
    to accept the things you cannot change;
    the courage to change the things you can;
    and the wisdom to know the difference.

  4. I am not sure what happened, but if I were U, I would send this as an email to the head of SACM with an explanation of what happened and the name of the person who made you feel this way

    I would also put that persons in the email (cc) so he/she can see that some people are and can complain directly to injustice/abuse/etc…

    What have you got to lose? If they already treat you that way, it will not get any worse if you do actually complain… if anything, it will get better for you and everyone else.

  5. Oh my, what happened? It’s always worse to be treated badly by your OWN countrymen.

    Murtadha, whatever your experience was with the SACM, don’t let it lessen your hopes for your fellow Saudis. I know it’s hard, but be the strong good guy you’ve always been, and put this sad event behind you. Let Allah deal with the one who’s done that something awful to you. He’ll get punished somehow.

  6. If there wouldn’t be too many potential repercussions against you, I would do what both Qusay and Coralbead said. The email cc also shows that you are ethical, serious, and professional in how you deal with interpersonal relationships. Allah will deal with this as well, but you should enact your Allah given free will to also find constructive ways to deal with this for yourself and others.

    One of my abusers became psychotic and killed himself, after running through the woods naked. There could be no fitter outcome for a man who hated psychiatrists and delighted in tormenting women (an obgyn–frightening). Before he did that, I had defended myself well enough to get to my goals, and to add to his already negative reputation (most often people like your fellow and mine are repeat offenders).

    In the immediate time frame, I found courage and the strength to move on in the proverb, “Living well is the best revenge”. Later, on learning of his death, I appreciated that there is “divine retribution”, that happens without our intercession.

  7. Oh! Common murtadha. Don’t be a spoiled baby, these things happen everywhere in the world, but we are becoming very sensitve and think that we , Saudis, are kings and nobles and should be treated with roses and a rolled red carpet wherever place is honored by our appearnce. In fact, when a Saudi makes an interaction with another fellow saudi, or any arabian in general, they anitcipate hostility and interpret any act as an aggression or offense, which aggregates tension between both sides.

  8. as for my problem with SACM that I was very upset yesterday.
    I asked my advisor a month ago if the SACM reimburse the student if he takes the GMAT course and GMAT test. She said of course, and she issued me financial guarantee to take the course in (Princeton review)
    Princeton review asked me to pay first and then get reimbursed from SACM. So I paid around $1050 from my american express.
    Now, after I finished my course, I send my papers for reimbursement. SACM said no, we can’t reimburse you. I tried to explain to every single person in SACM that you issued me a financial guarantee, how come now you refuse to reimburse me! everyone shift the responsibility from one another until I felt that I have to pay the my credit card by myself.

    I am not upset about the money as much as I am upset about the way they talk to me, and how careless they become about my situation. They put me in awkward situation.

    I have written a letter to Mohammed Alessa (the manager of SACM) explaining what has happened but he will not be in SACM until next monday.

    I am not that upset about what happened now, I was just in bad mood when I wrote about it. But I am not gonna let it goes like that, I will complain, I will talk with official about it until I feel I get my right back 🙂

    interesting thought, I have never thought about myself that way. I have never seen myself above people from any nationality, or race. Actually, I don’t have anything that would make feel like that.
    I am very simple person, from very simple family, and all I want is a simple life. a simple life with basic right and respect. and when I feel that someone is taking my right away, I fight for it, I fight and fight until I get it back. That is my vision in life.
    anyway, Thank you for your comment.

  9. I can imagine very well how bad you must feel. And can’t you use the the financial guarantee to prove your case?
    But once they start going all beaurocratic red tape on you it gets so frustrating!
    I am sorry you are having this issue to go through.

    I hope your path in life will be strewn with roses always 😉

  10. they treated you so not because they are Saudi. they are irresponsible and trust me irresponsible people are everywhere . from experience, i have learned that the older we get the more of them we would see. if we could change them then we do the society a favor because, trust me, not many who deserve their due service, despite being upset, humiliated and deprived of their rights, do make the initiative to straighten them out.
    note: it’s a blessing you were born in Saudi…always say Alhamdulillah…

  11. @aerinndis,
    I am going to complain about it to the director of SACM. I will update you here with the result.

    I am proud of where I came from. What I wrote is just a reflection of what it feel like when someone from your country offend you in away that dehumanize you, that make you feel less loyal to where you come from.

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