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Kathryn Monet

Kathryn Monet! you may not have heard of this name before, but many Saudi students in Oregon have. She used to work for Saudi Cultural Mission as an academic advisor on Saudi students.  We  have never seen someone dedicated to her/his work as much as Kathryn does.

From the first five minutes you talk with her, you will quickly realize how caring she is. I told her in my first conversation with her that I felt as if she is a darling sister to me.  Kathryn to me is more than just an advisor. She is very inspirational person. She gave me an example of how sincerity in your work impacts the life of others and how the little smile and kindness have the power of transforming people lives.

In fact, the day she decided to leave her position in SACM, was very sad day for all Saudi students in Oregon. In my five years experience with Saudi Culture Mission, there has never been someone like kathryn.

Sometimes, saying “thank you” to a person that has been so kind to you isn’t simple because these two words aren’t always capable of carrying our gratitude and appreciation. There has to be something more especial and valuable and I find it important for me personally to acknowledge this person and to talk about how she made a difference in my life.

I have so many wishes in my life and one of them is eternal happiness for Kathryn. I really wish and pray that her life is filled with happiness, health and joys.

14 thoughts on “Kathryn Monet”

  1. it’s really sad to hear that she left her position in SACM. She helped me a lot when she was my adviser. She is the best adviser I’ve ever dealt in SACM so far. I really wish her the best in life.

  2. @ADNISA,
    She isn’t Saudi. She is American. But I don’t think gender plays that big difference in the perception of saudi studying abroad. It is more about the person who cause people to admire him/her.

  3. What a wonderful tribute in the post, and in Alkhars comment to a woman who obviously loved and excelled at her job. Such people in such a delicate position are irreplaceable. One can only hope the new one is as good while being different by definition.

    Changing countries to study is not easy, and international students often are afraid to take advantage of campus supports, culturally misunderstanding their role, eg. thinking they report to the uni, or the police, or will be prejudiced, or there is shame in going to them. I met an African woman whose government scholarship was delayed and who slept on her office floor and “fasted” until money finally arrived, not realizing the uni had emergency funds available for this purpose, or that there was health and mental health care, family support services, career counselling all indepedent of the student’s academic program

    Someone like your Kathryn Monet in an off campus, culturally sensitive service (if government allied) is especially valuable as a transition helper and general support.

    Kudos to her and others who serve in these types of roles.

  4. I’m touched & honored that you had such nice words to share about our short time together at SACM. Michele Miller just sent me an email about this post, to make sure I knew about it. I truly appreciate this post, as a lot of the time, being an academic adviser was a thankless job.

    In the end, if you can do everything with ALOHA, you’ll be successful. I’ve explained the acronym below….
    Akahai (kindness)
    Lokahi (unity)
    ‘Olu’olu (agreeability)
    Ha’aha’a (humility)
    Ahonui (patience)

    I think you’re well on your way to living aloha : )

  5. Hi Kathryn,

    I am contemplating working as an Acadmeic advisor at SACM, why is it that you said it was a thankless job? Now I’m a little nervous about my wish to apply for it.

    Many thanks and congrats on this recognition.

  6. What an amazing woman Kathryn Monet is, someone I would love to get to know, to connect and to learn from as I am just stepping in the SACM Academic Advisor. Its been only 5 weeks and I know I am in the right place because I can make a difference to students like you. Can I get the email or address contact of Kathryn please and you can pass her my email.
    I love reading your blogs and you are so talented to write.
    Please keep me in your mailing list and I will reading more of your blogs you have posted before this.
    Everthing has its time and reason. Its a blessing that I bumped into your blogs.
    Let us stay Healthy and Happy!
    Hamidah Bahashwan

  7. I have an interview coming next week for the position of Academic Advisor with SACM!!

    Any suggestions, or recommendation !

    I myself was on a scholarhip when i first came to study in the USA, and I know what it means to have a good advisor and a school mentor !

    A job well done Kathryn,,,seems like you are irreplacable !! and best of luck with your future endeavors.


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