Observation From Inside

Forming Our Own Web of Beliefs

Let’s start our journey of the Observation From Inside with this week’s news. The former Saudi ambassador Turki al-Faisal shook the hands of Danny Ayalon, the Israeli deputy foreign minster. Now the incident itself isn’t important for me as observer because, remember, our goal is to understand and analyze the human behavior, not anything else. So what is important for me here is to observe how Saudi react to this incident, how they perceive it and how they interpret it.

  • Observation:

From my observation to people in twitter, I have noticed three different reactions. When person A heard about what happened, He went and made his own judgment before seeing the video or asking for any additional information. When person B heard about what happened, he chose not to believe what he has heard and decided to wait until he sees the video and after that he made his judgment. When person C heard about what happened and then saw the video in YOUTUBE, he chose to wait for prince Turki Faisl’s  explanation before he made his judgment.

  • My Analysis:

My observation of the three people can represent the dynamic of how people build their web of beliefs and how they make their judgments. Some people accept information without any questioning while some people question and then they accept the first answer they get. Some people question and remain skeptical of any answer they get.

  • The disapprove of my observation.

Person A‘s behavior doesn’t necessarily mean that he accept any information he gets without questioning. Maybe he made his judgment based on his previous old information and facts.

Person B‘s behavior doesn’t necessarily mean that he always questions the information he gets. Maybe if he has heard that that a Syrian ambassador shakes hands with Danny Ayalon, he would made his judgment without questioning because he might be biased toward that person.

Person C‘s behavior doesn’t necessarily means that he is always skeptical about any answer he get. Maybe he is skeptical only in politics while he might believe anything he heard in his religion without any skepticism or questioning.

Now, this example illustrated exactly what I means in Observation From Inside! I hope my idea now is clear for everyone. Please share with me your thought about the observation.

6 thoughts on “Forming Our Own Web of Beliefs”

  1. and you forgot to tell abt the Person D actually who waits to hear abt these story from Ayalon’s side .. which has been published today ..

    it doesn’t mean in necessarily that he believe abt what he gonna say or act .. or even if it’s matter to him ..

    but as observer I guess he needs to hear from all sides no matter he accept all the lines or just he needs a look from the inside =)

  2. While as you said it is an observation from the inside, still it depends on how much are you connected with the outside world and not packaged within your own society’s main stream of thought. The more you encounter other cultures and other schools of thought and analysis, the more you become skeptical or open to other interpretations and view points.
    In short, Murtadah focuses on how we deal with such news, and I am saying that how we deal with it depends on our backgrounds, knowledge, and experiences affect the way we deal with it.

    At the end, I must say Murtadha you give a fresh way at looking at things. Keep it up!

  3. @Saleem Al Homsi,
    Totall agree, I forgot to consider myself into the observation scene

    The incident itself isn’t important for me, what is important is how saudi people react to such incident

    Thank you for reading it Susanne

    @ Zoulfa
    I must say that your comment bring a very interesting perspective. I totally agree with you that our past background has a strong impact on how we react and perceive the world around us, but the question that would need to be answer is: can we make a judgment without relying solely on our past background? what about if we rely on multiple background from different sources

  4. Hmmm, well can we call it our ‘past’ background? For some this past background is still their current background that surrounds them till this moment. For others their present is a mixture of what they want to maintain of their pasts along with what new they have learned or encountered recently. As such, they tend to look into things more because they have become accustomed to that fact that there is always an alternative, another explanation or possibility, and that it is Ok to think that way or speak out without feeling you have betrayed your people or what you stand for .

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