Observation From Inside

Observation From Inside

If there is a list of societies that can be the best target for psychological’s  and sociological research and observation, Saudi society should be in the top five of the them. You have gender segregation and you can easily do a psychological observation about how women  are perceived by men and how men are perceived by women in segregated society like Saudi and then compare that to mixed society like USA.

You can also study the sexual behavior of the people, how do they express their sexual desire and how is it interpreted by the society ! Does the sexual behavior of the human being get strong in the open society more than the closed one? You also have religion, Saudi is known to be very religious country! you can study how religion impact people’s life and how can people play around it!

If you have an interest in any of these topics, then you are most welcome to join me in a journey called “Observation From Inside.” In this journey we (you and I) will do the following:

  • We make an observation!

An observation is very important concept. To understand the logic and the reason behind every human behavior, you have to observe it first and pay attention to every single detail about it.

  • Gather data and information:

You can’t just make a judgment based on one single observation. That is what most people do and it is really wrong. You have to gather data about it and compare it to other studies and observations.

  • Approve and Disapprove that observation:

Because we are naturally bias, we can’t just make a judgment only based on our observation and our information. We have to think of both sides. We have to find what approve and disapprove our observation.

How do you participate in this journey:

You can send me an email via Contact Me to tell me about your observation on specific behavior. You and I open the discussion in here in my blog. Everyone share his analysis then everyone make his/her own judgment based on his reason and logic.

6 thoughts on “Observation From Inside”

  1. Dear Murtadha,
    As I said, you have a tendency for social science, you’ve just described the qualitative research approach, where a person make an observation without actually interfere in the events, but then you’ll need to ask questions about your observations, those questions must be answered with accuracy and honesty, can you see where your research maybe flawed? or where the errors in getting to the root causes of behavior may arise?…

  2. @Hala,
    I have taken a series of courses called, “constructed self, I, they and we” In the class, we learned how to observe, how to understand “I”, and “we” and “they”
    I think Observations are very very important in analyzing the human behavior. It will give us more detail on how the human function!

    send me a message anytime you find some interesting observation to share 🙂

  3. I have an idea….could we make observations about how racist Saudis can be towards other non-Saudis and relate that to any proper implementation of Islam? We can then perform another study on the ethics of bringing housemaids from other countries to rape them and deny them their pay for months even years…don’t believe me? (http://www.hrw.org/en/node/62143/section/1) check it out for yourself. As an American Muslim here for quite some time I must admit there are SERIOUS issues that need to be meted out. How about we don’t start with gender segregation or even sexual behavior….can we start with basic 21st century human rights (granted to all of us by way of the Qur’an 1400 years ago)…just a thought

  4. @American Muslim,
    thank you for sharing your observation. I was actually planning to discuss the issue of racism and human right toward non-saudi in Saudi. Do you have any specific observation on that issue?

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