Thank You So Much For Listening

The following conversation was in Arabic between me and the manager of SACM financial dept. I translated to English to share it with you.

Murtadha: Hello Dr  Saad Asswailim ( Many of SACM employees are obsessed with being called a doctor, I even call the reception employee doctor too)

Mr. Asswailim smiled: Doctor? I am not a doctor

Murtadha: Oh, but doctorate isn’t all about the degree 🙂 . Many people became doctor because of their understanding and respect to others. It is life experience, I think.

Mr. Asswailim laughed: That is true

Murtadha: anyway, I am calling you in regard my problem. I have sent an email to Dr. Al-essa (director of SACM) in regard my problem and few days later, my advisor told me that I will be reimbursed for the GMAT course.

Mr. Asswailim: I read your email, but I don’t think we can reimburse you.

Murtadha: Ok. why?

Mr. Asswailim: Because we don’t reimburse students for GMAT courses, and I can’t treat you different than the rest of the students.

Murtadha: I totally agree with you, every students should be treated the same, but the problem is that I am not asking to be treated different.

Mr. Asswailim: So, what is your problem then?

Murtadha: My problem is that I asked my SACM advisor before I take the course about whether or not, the SACM cover the cost of the course and she told me Yes. Of course, that isn’t enough, so I asked her for financial guarantee stating that SACM cover the cost of the GMAT and they issued me one. So based on the information I got, there is nothing that disprove the fact that SACM cover the cost of the GMAT.

Mr. Asswailim: Ok, but that isn’t my problem. I am not the one who issued the financial guarantee for the GMAT course and I didn’t tell you that SACM covers the cost. I have policies that I follow here and I can’t break them.

Murtadha: I totally agree with you. I actually respect that. Can I ask you a question?

Mr. Asswailim: Of course you can

Murtadha: If you were in my situation and your advisor had told you that that SACM cover the cost of that course and she issued you a financial guarantee as a confirmation for that , and after you took the course, and paid the cost, you sent your paper for reimbursement, then you the employee tells you: ” no, we can’t reimburse you” what would you do then:

Mr. Asswailim: Mmmmm, I totally understand your situation, I think you should call Dr. Alissa (director of SACM) again to open an investigation on this.

Murtadha: I will call Al=essa again. I think I find a new journey in life now. I would call it ” Murtadha’s Journey in getting his reimbursement”

Mr. Asswailim: Laughing

Murtadha: by the way, I have to say that you are too kind, because you listened to what I wanted to say. You didn’t only listen, you also respected me and allowed me to discuss the issue with me. That is something I really really appreciate.  So, thank you so much for that.

Mr. Asswailim: You are most welcome. It is my job to listen and talk with you and other students so please don’t hesitate to call back if there is anything else I can help you with.

Murtadha: I will , thank you again so much for listening to me. Listening something is so important and from my experience with Saudi governmental agencies, I found that people who work there like only to talk or give commands. It is rare to find someone who would listen. That is why I want to tell you how much I appreciate that. Thank you for simply listening to me.

End of the conversation.

Mr. Asswaili was very surprised on how something very small such as listening, is so important and valuable for someone else like me.

13 thoughts on “Thank You So Much For Listening”

  1. @hining,
    LOL, that is the only I can get my right back 🙂

    Yeah, they refuse to listen, they refuse to clarify, they refuse to debate, they just want to do what in their minds, that is the problem,

    congratulate me, I finally got my reimbursement 🙂

  2. Whoooaaaa Murtadha, that’s great…now you better hide before your friends think of storming your apartment and demand that you treat them to dinner, hehehe!

  3. @Chaira & coralbead
    LOL, once my roommate knows about the reimbursement, he started asking me for dinner. It is as if I am not using the reimbursement to pay the my credit card fees 🙂
    Well, after a long negotiation, I agree to buy them free coffee from Seattle Best Coffee 🙂

  4. @Chiara,
    LOL, I forgot to say that commentators of my blog get special deal ( free dinner, free tour in the city, etc )
    the coffee, only apply to my roommate because every time I get reimbursement, He asks me for free dinner or lunch 🙂

  5. Aw, you are so sweet! I agree that listening goes a LONG way! Yay for being reimbursed. You handled this so well. I need you to make all those yucky phone calls for me. Are you for hire? 😉

  6. Wonderful. I proves that persistence AND politeness with a little bit of proof can work wonders. I am so glad that this was worked out in your favor.

  7. There isn’t a real documented system @ SACM;
    So nothing will run automatically (this is the fact of our systematic infrastructure at S&A). My Advice is to pass by SACM personality on your comfort time. By applying your “professional kindness”, they will fully reimburse your fees.
    Good Luck

    PS. you’ve got a talent. so ….keep sharpen it.

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