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Saudi Romanticism

Romanticism is very complex topic and it is even more complex when we are talking about it in a country like Saudi Arabia. I am going to talk about in a simplistic term. I think Saudi people are very romantic but they don’t express or talk about Romance in public. They really look for it in their private life. 

Romance has been referred to as forbidden thing in Saudi  for a long time and i guess this came from misunderstanding  of Romanticism and what it actually means. 

Saudi men always look at Romance as girly issue and they always get embarrassed of talking about it. I remembered one time , one of my friend got a call from his fiancee. At the end of the call, his fiancee said ” I love You so much” to him. and of course she will wait to hear ” I love you too” back from him. my friend felt very nervous  and tried to talk about something completely out of topic because to him it is very embarrassing to say ” i love you”  to his fiancee in front of his friend!

So, do you think being Romantic is a good or a bad thing ?

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