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A Trip to Saudi Arabia

If I had a million dollar, I would buy a ticket for each one of you to travel outside of your horizon 🙂 There are many facts that can’t be explained in words or in movies, you just have to see it by your self. Then, you would really have a better understanding of how, why, when and what!

7 thoughts on “A Trip to Saudi Arabia”

  1. What a wonderful post! This it the exact purpose of exchanges: to give a more realistic and broader view of a country, and thereby challenge or overturn stereotypes. Hopefully since these are Georgetown students they will be effective in spreading the word/impacting policy at some point.

    These are beautiful videos, you should be very proud of your country and its citizens.

  2. thank you for sharing , it’s worth watching . And it’s beautiful to see how others see us with fair eyes. I guess we should support such trips between the two countries , tourism is also another way and we should give it a huge push.

  3. Dude, that’s my hospital and friends at 0:58 min! the girl in the gray scarf is in my Donate A Smile video xD and the ceiling of KAUH’s lobby, i’m glad someone took the time to look up at it!

    nice post btw!

  4. It is a good thing that people from other nations are having a positive outlook at Saudi Arabia. But unfortunately these people seem to have more a more optimistic look than the local Saudi people themselves. We have to try to change the way Saudis look at their own country, and then worry about the rest of the world. Local people don’t admire these things. They only look at the negative sides and keep complaining. Good post.

  5. amazing post!
    Thank you for sharing this positive video!
    I am really sick of negativity everywher…

    Maha Noo Elahi

  6. I couldn’t help myself but to “laugh” to this PR’s stunt and how naive peoples are when it come to the typical corporate damage control and the like.
    Anyway It’s nothing more than a full paid “summer” vacation to the other end of the world really. Enjow site seiing, culture and places. What an awesome tour guide, bet they guide ’em pretty well tho’. But in reality this is of course far from reality.

    The Zionists seam to be superb at this just to give you some perspective, alas some fatso rulers of the land found it a bit useful hence decided to emulate it and the rest is history.

    I was compels to ask you womenfolk here, on what fair eyes it be?
    Say let ’em loose and stay a month or so as an ordinary people in this land. As an ordinary people on the streets they of course don’t have driver to chauffeur her around and many luxuries that many of you enjoy (but failed to realized still). How would she felt?Wanna take a guess??

    What about if we let ’em be on the streets and search for any vacancy for they have no cable nor a strong family ties that could land em on the job without much ado, again like some of you do. Why not let ’em be in the shoe of the widows and live a life that they may, which no mean of finding a job what so ever within the system but to begged! Screw ’em right? How about ask these girls to play a young Muslimah who’s alone and struggle to cope with the pathetic system without no Mahram whatsoever? Dare still to ask her for a comment or two huh?

    I can go on and on really. And we have millions of people sharing the same circumstances. No?

    BTW since when Islam put such a bloody laughable restriction on the followers? This is ain’t Islamic at all but merely a silly cultural thingy and tools for the fitly rich to cling on power (corrupted or not). These people really gave Islam a bad name!

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