I Am a Human Being

I am a human being, a simple human being who wants to live his life to the fullest, achieve his dreams, read more and more, travel around the world, meet new friends, fall in love, get married and build a family.

I am a human being with emotions. I feel sad when I see people sleeping on the streets, shocked when I know that the water that I am drinking right now isn’t accessible to  many children and families in Africa and angry when I hear stories about women being raped and abused around the world.

I am a human being with basic desires. I like to wear nice clothes. I like to drink coffee. I like to smile at people and see them smiling back at me. I like to eat Italian, Mexican and Lebanese food. I like to walk a lot by myself early in the morning or late at night. I like to read and memorize the beautiful Arabic poems.

I am a human being. I have a family who I care about, friends who are part of my life, a community in which I participate, a society which I want to change, a world that I want to discover.

I am a human being. I have two feet, two hands,  two ears, one nose, one mouth and most importantly one heart. I can smile and laugh. I can talk and listen. I can dream and hope. I can think and debate.

I am a human being, so before you ask me about my religion, or where I come from, or why I think this way or another, please remember FIRST that I am a human being just like you are.

Thank You

14 thoughts on “I Am a Human Being”

  1. Amazing and so true!

    It’s sad that some people can’t see our humanity …it is sad that some people see us only through the stereotypes that the media enforces on them and on the whole world…
    Murtadhah…can I ask you a favor? Don’t ever fall in love with a woman who is not Saudi! Our Saudi chicks deserve someone like you and need someone like you so badly 🙂
    Sorry for the motherly advice..couldn’t resist it 🙂

  2. Murtadhah dear
    Whoever you are, one thing for sure you are a writer, a very good ones because with such a simple way you make sense and I can feel the emotion you put in your writing. I am an inspiring writer and have been writing for years. I have started writing in my facebook. Must start my own blogs and publish the books I have written.
    Till we talk over skypes or meet in person someday, remain passionate about life and writing.

    Hamidah Bahashwan

  3. It’s sad that a lot of people discriminate against others, not knowing that we all have the same wants and needs and aspirations as humans.

  4. Might I add, you are God’s precious creation, fearfully and wonderfully made, created for a specific purpose to reflect the glory of your Maker.

  5. Great post! Please share some of your favourite Arabic poems with us. I always hear people saying how beautiful Arabic poetry is but I don’t know anything about it. That might be a good topic for a new series of posts. You could introduce Arabic poets and poetry! Just a suggestion… Anyway, I really enjoyed your post today.

  6. wow…i am impressed!

    am also a human being… who would like to hear poems of Arabs and others…

  7. مها نور إلهي,
    LOL 🙂 alright find me one of them and I promise not to go outside lol 🙂

    Thank you for your kind words Maha, you are always encouraging and motivating us in the blogsphere. so thank you for that

    I sent you an email. Please let me know about your blog once you start blogging. It would be an honor meeting you in person.

    I am glad that we both share the humanity desire! and hopefully people will realize the beauty of being a human

    @susanne430 & kinziblogs
    you are one of the great human being that remind us of our humanity 🙂

    @Sophia HD,
    finally I found someone who is interested in Arabic poetry as much as I do 🙂 I will post some of Arabic poem in english translation.

    so have a common interest 🙂

    @نوران, starr (Najma)
    Thank you for your kind comment

  8. oops, I meant immortal. Humanity and morality do not go together since each human being is selfish at his heart due to the biological nature of his composition. Altruism is not objective and those who will bring in examples of altruistic behavior, it cannot be quantified and hence not applicable to someone who reasons.

  9. Love it. I apologize for all the heathens in my birth country….

    “Murtadhah…can I ask you a favor? Don’t ever fall in love with a woman who is not Saudi! Our Saudi chicks deserve someone like you and need someone like you so badly ”

    I also agree!! How lucky she will be…..


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